luni, 24 septembrie 2012

Intensive Examination- BAP

Soorry I didn't post this when I should have but I have my own summer homework I didn't finish unfortunately and I'm a little stressed since I started my last year of high school. Yay! South Korea after it! Ohh, I can't wait. Anyway, back to business, this edition is all about B.A.P aka Best Absolute Perfect. It's...yeah. I guess it's better than MBLAQ...Anyway news about these awesome guys are enough. For example, their appearances on shows. Inkigayo, Music Core, MNet Countdown, they're everywhere and we love it. It seems the number of their fan clubs just rises and rises each passing day.

Let's see, from what I know they've been to Taiwan and it seems they had a great time (Himchan's tweet; sorry for stalking you weirdy). Secret's new album and song is awesome, by the way. Poison really gets that feminine and sexy vibe the girls have. And since we're tlking about BAP, I seriously can't not talk about their sunbaes. Now, I've read a lot about them since I have friends and two big eyes. Pictures and pictures and Happy Latey Birthday Zelo! You're still young though, still have a long way to go, ask Yong Guk. I've seen pictures from his surprise in Taiwan. It was really cute. They're cute overall. I like their style and how soft an childish they actually are. Also, I kind of feel old.

A lot of information I couldn't really get because, I recognize, I've been very busy but they are promoting themselves and well, Crash. Also, they help their sunbaes with things. I've seen the interview on the set of Poison. It was very interesting how at one point Himchan and Zelo seemed to gradually lose their focus and the rest were nodding but didn't seem to be there...They must have been also tired, who knows what they've done before. They're quite hyperactive. But Secret were talkative and funny and I really like them. I like both bands actually. But seriously, you should watch Ta Dah:It's BAP or BAP Diary; they are both really fun and even though they're a little bit old, I don't see a big change in their behaviour if none at all. At first I thought Himchan is the maknae or at least closer to that image but Zelo is such a cute one. Damn years for being too old.

Oh and by the way, am I crazy or sometimes Jong Up looks like a younger version of Daesung? Just the face...:-?

Yong Guk



Young Jae

Jong Up


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