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Intensive Examination- Big Bang

Regarding Big Bang, there are a lot of news. Before taking them each, separately, as a whole, Big bang worked their way up and made history. Their latest album was extremely good and showed just how alive, passionate and talented these guys are. Fantastic Baby, Monster, Bad Boy and Blue. These are the songs which have MV's but let's not forget the whole package which is awesome. These are songs that stay with you for a while (meaning they are too catchy and fun to listen to). From what I know, Big Bang will tour the world and the fans are the ones who will decide which country or state or city will they sing into. Also, they might be able to sing on EMA's (it was written on Twitter by Taeyang if I remember correctly) and that's something I want to see.

The members. Firstly, G-Dragon is reeking havoc in the minds of young ladies. There were rumours of his solo comeback and that itself was a big thing for fans. There were so many assumptions that you couldn't even imagine what will happen. Each fan had his own image of it. When the MV of One of a Kind appeared, it was insane. Everyone started to comment and find the symbolism in the video and some just enjoyed it. Of course, I already talked about this song. That XX (which would stand for motherfucker or some other not that offensive swear, at least for me) was something else. It appeared not long ago and it has over 4.000.000 views. I sincerely admire how soft the melody is next to the lyrics, which aren't that all. The girl used in the video, which is obviously so much younger than GD, is one of the members of that new YG girls group. There are not many information about it. Anyway, G-Dragon's album will officially be available on September 18th. There will be a Gold and Bronze edition but in my view, both look so awesome and well done. The price is somewhere around $14 (16.300 KRW which for Romanians is about 50 RON) so anyway you look at it, it's not expensive.

Another member who's very active is Seungri. He may not be in South Korea but his presence filled the hearts of the Japanese fans. Since middle June, I believe, until now, he's been running around Japan, promoting not only himself but Big Bang too. It's very admirable since he's really young and works so much in the benefit of, actually, everyone. He keeps the link with the fans through a diary where he tells everybody what he's done and some of his thought for that day. He has a show where he interviews celebrities from Japan but I think I saw someone from Korea too. But anyway,his Japanese improved a lot and so did his entertaining talent. He's learning from big people how to be as close as possible a fun entertainer. Also, he's comedic side seems to arise a lot and I do believe he's tired as hell but he choose his dream and he should take responsibility. He's been cast into a Japanese drama, his first actually, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo  -  Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case . His character will be a Korean exchange student. The principle character will be played by HEY!SAY!JUMP!'s Yamada Ryosuke (who's adorable!) Anyway you look at it, Seungri's doing his job either in Korea or Japan or anywhere else.

TOP, there's not much to say about him because he's been working intently on the set of 'Alumnus', a movie directed by Park Shin Woo. He is pretty busy with that and right now, there's nothing else to say. I believe things will liven up when the tours outside of Asia will start. Anyway, there's been posted on Twitter a picture with a guy taking a picture (duh) and he was shirtless. A lot of fans speculate it may be TOP, for real, but who knows.

Taeyang, our loveable Young Bae has been active on Twitter and even trolled his fans. Seriously, he wrote in a post how he has a girlfriend and doesn't want to keep her hidden any more. DAMN how happy I was when I read that (since he needs a girl, thing he wrote later on Twitter and GD approved...and added he needs one too. These guys need to get laid) but when I opened the link, it was a fucking picture of a animated girl Mina has drawn. I was disappointed, I recognize. I'm not sure what he does right now but I've seen him taking a lot of pictures into the studio so I'm wishing for the best. He does some promoting too but I'm not in Korea yet so I don't know.

Daesung, our crazy and secretive vocalist with an awesome voice has been around Japan, promoting too. He  showed up at Seungri's fan meeting and supported his dongsaeng. I... seriously don't know what he's doing except that. I read and searched and tried really hard to find something about his activities right now but there's none. Or they may be but my resources are limited. I don't know.

Let's roll with the fun part now





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