luni, 24 septembrie 2012

'What I Like About...' ULALA SESSION

I love ULALA SESSION! These band is epic from every point of view. Their voices are amazing and really strong, yet not all of them are low and manly, which makes it all sound so much better.

Sincerely, I found these talented guys when I watched Immortal Song 2 when Park Kwang Seon sang When it Rains on Tuesday. That performance is so heartbreaking and there are so many emotions thrown into that song. It's wonderful how well Kwang Seon ssi interpreted it. On another page, I like when they all sing together. I was very touched when they sang Pathetique, originally sang by Lee Sang Woo. I got goosebumps.

Now, about their own music, it's awesome. They know perfectly how to mix the new pop beats and right lyrics. Also, for me, Beautiful Night is one hell of a song. It's as good as Gangnam Style! I really wish they would get more credit. And the whole album is so good, both parts of it. I enjoy listening to their songs, they hit right into the heart and their voices are blending so softly together.

One thing I like at their style is that the MV's are actual MV's. It doesn't happen inside a dark lit room with them standing or moving around. They actually move and there's a plot. Their MV's are artistic and fun to watch. They're addictive.

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