duminică, 2 septembrie 2012

Music to the Ears (BAP- Crash)

B.A.P's Crash is amazing! I can't stop listening to it at all. I tried, since it's really creepy how lately I've listened more to B.A.P than Big Bang (which is my favorite k-pop band) and I believe I'm on the way to become part time Baby. I feel like I'm cheating lol. Anyway, the song is amazingly cute and I love the MV. It's really refreshing to see them in their own element than as 'hot, powerful' idols. Of course, my bias (the weird Himchan) doesn't have much camera time but, surprisingly, he got more lines. And what can I say...the  one running after birds, Zelo. But he's an adorable maknae. He might be one of the few nice youngsters.

After watching a few times the MV, I think I've seen why they are such a big band. They seem to get well with each other, even though they have different personalities. They are all weird but at the same time, that's a common thing that just draws them closer. Usually, my eyes go to Himchan or Daehyun but in this MV, I can't even decide. I believe they made a very good choice with this video idea. They each show different sides of them and never stop amazing the audience by being either cute, dorky or hot.

The music, as in the melody, is really nice. I love how they can master any type of rhythm. Daehyun's voice is amazing, like always, but the husky voices of Himchan and Yong Guk makes everything more likeable and interesting. I watched the first live performance on MCountDown and I was impressed, though seriously, Yong Guk doesn't seem fit to be adorable. He tries and it fails terribly and I guess that's what makes it cute. Anyway, on Inkigayo, Yong Guk messed it up a little and I found his reaction incredibly adorable. I believe they also have a lot of promotions because YoungJae sounded tired and a little off. They must be really busy now...Anyway, show your support and buy their album or just...be a true Baby and show support in any way because I learned throughout years that being an artist is freaking hard and tiring and love from fans is what actually keeps them optimistic and strong.

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