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One Day

They did end up somewhere close to the centre of Tokyo. The shopping centre was packed and when he saw her eyes lighting up, he felt a shiver go down his spine. However, her eyes weren't on the shopping centre  She smiled softly and walked in front. He got curious where she was heading to and trailed behind.

The place she wanted so badly to go to was a few streets down, in an emptier and more silent neighbourhood  His eyes trailed over every block on the street. The people there didn't give him a second glance; they were completely uninterested of what was around them.

“This place is creepy,” The girl laughed and shook her head. She chose to wait up for him since the shop she was looking for wasn't too far.

“This is actually one of the nicest places I've ever been to. Some of my friends live around her.”

“It’s too silent. It feels like we’re not in Tokyo any more.”  She chuckled and placed her hands into the small pockets of her thin sweater.  

“It’s here.”

They stopped in front of a small coffee shop, which looked a bit abstract. The building looked very old and almost haunted. When they entered, he got a shock. It was amazingly done inside. It smelled of freshly made coffee and wood. There was a small portion where the bar was and on the opposite were a few tables. On the walls, there were pictures of old Japanese and Western indie bands and different pieces of art. She walked deeper into the building and opened another door. Nao found himself more and more amazed. The second looked like a traditional English living room. It has posters with different English personalities and characters. One wall was occupied by a library, each shelf full with diverse literature; the rest of the walls were simply covered with different art objects older customers have brought. There were also a few cushions and three small coffee tables.

“It’s nice, huh?” She sat on one of the cushions and sighed, happily. He walked towards the library and scanned the titles and authors. “This is the first place I had ever come across when I first came to Tokyo. I was intrigued why they used United Kingdom as a muse,” Her eyes trailed to the pictures on the walls. “They said it’s because of music and the impact the English literature had on the world.” Her eyes also trailed to the new acquaintance. He was dressed in a pair of black pants, had a white shirt and a colourful cardigan over it. He looked entranced by the magic of that collection of literature.

“This place…How could I have not known about it?” She laughed and walked near him. She touched one book and grabbed it out.

“Sometimes we choose to ignore the things that look different. This building looks awful outside, but inside, it leaves you speechless.”  He bent his head, thinking.

When he heard the door open and close, he realized she walked out. He sighed and took another look at his surroundings. The room was beige. Everything was very simple but classy and tasteful.

“Are you still admiring the room?” He got completely stunned when she walked back in with two recipients in her hands, unnoticed. She placed the cups down on the table and took her spot back. He also sat opposite her and relaxed.

“How come I feel like is winter instead of summer?” He stated, amused. She chuckled and took a sip from her beverage.

“Because it gives off a comforting feeling, homey even.” She sighed and looked up to him. “It’s not hot coffee. I know it’s pretty hot outside and here it isn't any better.” His smile disappeared completely from his face and stared intently into her eyes.

“Who are you?” She bit her lip and clicked her tongue.

“You can call me Nana.” He nodded, though he wasn't sure why she didn't tell him her real name. “ I'm in my last year of University. I study Business and Management.” He was a little surprised she gave him details about her life, even if they weren't that important.

“ I'm a freelancer. I don’t have a job right now.” They both looked into each others’ eyes yet no one spoke another word. It didn't feel awkward. It felt normal, intense even. However, they both felt it…

I knew that was the first and last time we will ever meet. I could feel it in my heart and I was sure he did too. It was unfortunate but looking into his eyes, back then, made me want to learn more about him and his life. I didn't ask much and didn't tell much either. We started to talk about usual subjects like books and music but it was obvious he was trying hard not to ask me about different things, to ask me about what we had talked about when we just met. Life and reasons; happiness and dreams. But he didn't because we didn't have the chance to talk about the old times. One day. It was just a one day meeting.  

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