duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

So, I've seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey today and it was...AWESOME! It's seriously one of the best movies this year. It has the same scenery and the same feelings Lord of the Rings had. There are some characters which appear in both parts and the story goes somehow on the same concept. However, the story itself makes Lord of the Ring more clear. You realize some aspects and it gives more details. However, the movie has something different and that's the ending. Lord of the Rings had a clear ending, which made people smile content. The Hobbit it's all about dwarfs trying to get their homeland back with the help of Gandalf and Bibo Baggins. Sounds familiar huh? He's also in Lord of the Ring too but as an older man....hobbit and he has some connection with Frodo. I'm sure you remember.

The characters are well made and played. There's nothing to comment about the actors. Some places seem a little forced but that fine. It's not too obvious.

What intrigued me is that after 2 and a half hours of having my eyes glued to that screen, I was expecting to continue for about half an hour more but no. It ended a little bit too fast and I remained there, stoic, not understanding what was happening. The movie overall is very good and has some awesome special effects and gets you entranced into the action but it ends so abruptly! Aish...but still, Warner Bros makes the best movies.

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