marți, 18 decembrie 2012

Music to the Ears (TVXQ's Humanoids)

Have I been blind all this time? I mean Changmin look really handsome lately. He caught my eyes in the Humanoids video far more than Yunho who's like the supreme hotness walking. The song is really good. I can't say any bad things about it. I love the introduction of it and there are some parts in the middle of it which just get me to like it even more! I also love the dance. I find it harder and better than Catch Me's which wasn't was a show off but not in a way I wanted. It wasn't something that would blow my mind.

Like we've been used, the music video is in a few rooms, one which I can swear Super Junior filmed in too, and some sort of plot that doesn't make much sense. But the song captivates your attention so well that you don't really care about the surroundings...except maybe their faces which are what also captivates the fans. I believe there are also some small misspellings but who cares? Well, I do but anyway, it doesn't affect the coolness of the song.

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