marți, 18 decembrie 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

I recently finished Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Kind of late, I know. It's a good drama but some parts get annoying. For example, the lack of self-confidence Mei has it's immense. I can't believe she's also very naive and kind. The plot is somewhat good because of the actors and some other characters but I really got annoyed often with some character's personalities.

For the people who don't know what I'm talking about, the story revolves around a young woman named Mei (Eikura Nana) , who was rescued as a young girl by someone calling himself her "butler." With only a vague memory, though, the experience seems like just a dream. But one day, after her parents' accidental death, he appears: Rihito (Mizushima Hiro) comes from a line of outstanding butlers, and he has been appointed to serve her! Now her ordinary life has completely flipped, as she discovers that she's actually the heiress to a fortune, and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, where all the students have butlers! As a result, her childhood friend Kento (Sato Takeru) decides to enrol in a butler school so that he can stay close to her. Yep, I did take it from Drama Wiki because I was too lazy to write it on my own. But Mizushima Hiro looks so handsome as a butler. I was completely surprised because I saw him before in Hana Kimi where his personality was definitely the opposite. Also, having such handsome butlers must be heaven! I also watched this drama for Oomasa Aya, which is an actress I really admire. I've seen her in a lot of roles that really suited her. Seeing Osamu Mukai, who's one of my favourites Japanese actors. I seriously didn't know he was the so called bad character, Shinobu. That guy has a seriously scary smile when he wants to. It freaked me out all the time, and the close-ups, even though I was drooling over his nice features, he still looked weird.

So, in the end, the story seems uninteresting but the whole concept of friendship and love which comes throughout the drama makes it better. It's good, I can assure you that it's not a waste of time.

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