sâmbătă, 29 decembrie 2012


While walking at quite a fast pace, her eyes trailed to their tangled hands. It felt strange, like energy from his body was slowly sipping into hers. Also, his hand was warm and seemed to fit hers perfectly.

"So strange" She whispered, trying not to get his attention. Unfortunately, the man had good hearing and so he stopped. She didn't quite know why, since it seemed nothing looked the same as she remembered. There were more clowns and definitely more children.

"This is the place I like to come to,” He raised his head a little, letting the wind go through his short messy hair, and smiled softly.

Her eyes trailed from him to the scenery. There were a few small shops which gave street food and drinks; there were a few children around two clowns who were trying to be funny and creative; the wind blew and so, it took one of the many balloons into the sky. It looked beautiful and somehow taken from a movie. She got entranced by the view and forgot completely about the one who got her there.


He exclaimed when he saw her walking towards one of the street shops. She didn't turn nor react in any way so instead of trying to get her back, he let her lead the way.

Her smile was contagious. Just at the view of a few women making sushi on the spot, made her eyes sparkle and she licked her lips. The photographer chuckled amusedly and took a picture of both the working women and the excited customer.

"So you like it?" He asked when they both got back on wandering around. She nodded and took a bite of her newly bought sushi. He laughed softly and both walked in silence.

Out of nowhere, one of the clowns looked intently at them and grabbed the artist with him. He was perplexed by the action while she started to laugh loudly.

"Are you scared?" She asked, going closer to the two.

He couldn't respond because the clown pulled him closer and started to make signs towards the watching children. They started to laugh when he made a funny face but the photographer wasn't amused yet.

 "Come on-" She stopped. She completely forgot to ask his name. Her lips formed a thin line and she started to think how she got somewhat kidnapped by that mysterious guy.

The clown told the still unnamed man to take hold of a box since he was tired and it was too heavy. He did so. At one point, the box started to shake. When it finally stopped, it was too strange and he back off. At that time, the box opened and a pie had been pushed into his face by a weird mechanism. He didn't look too happy but she did. When he saw how hard she was laughing and how much fun she was having, he let a small smile catch his lips too.

"That was so funny!" She exclaimed when he got off the handmade stage. He still had a few pieces of vanilla on his cheeks and nose, even though he did clean up. Seeing how she was too amused, he took a piece from his cheek and placed it on hers. She stopped and playfully glared at him. She hit him, which definitely had some force because it hurt, and cleaned herself up.

"Where should we go now...?" It was more of a question to himself but she responded.

"I have an idea" He looked at her and waited. "Why don't you tell me your name first?" Her expression was funny. She had one eyebrow raised, her head was tinted to the right and she was biting her lower lip in a weird way.

"Nao," He said while leaning down to her level. "My name is Nao" He was ready to start walking again, leaving her behind.

"Doesn't he want to know my name too?" She whispered to herself, a little confused by his behaviour. Well, at least she knew how to call him and it was enough for the moment.

"Where to next, captain?" She asked in English, making a army sign. He smiled and shrugged.

"Wherever" She puffed her cheeks and nodded.

Wherever they would end up, it was definitely going to be fun. She was sure about that. 

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