luni, 22 iulie 2013

Music to the Ears (Infinite's Destiny)

OH SORRY! I forgot about Infinite's comeback. Stupid me. I'm really sorry Infinite. They came back with an awesomely incredible song. I don't like the sets in the MV but the song makes up for anything.

LEt's see...the video takes place somewhere in the legendary old country city where things seem made out of gold. Seriously. Those sets are impressive yet not really. I don't know. I have mixed feelings about the MV. IT's complicated to understand why some are kept into that city while Dongwoo has the freedom to drive a car around the desert. See? Maybe Myungsoo wanted too! The last car he drove was...rolling like a buffalo lol. Seriously..since The Chaser he didn't drive anymore! Not fair! Maybe Sungjong wanted too! It's manly!

Anyway, the song is pretty powerful. It has that piano and orchestra in the back that captivates you and sticks with you. I am impressed. The composer did  a good job. Really good. I like Sungjong's part, even tho it's small yet very nice. Sunggyu's voice is a well known fact so I don't really have to talk about it. Myungsoo looks really good like dude, really good. He starts the song while the others feel him up...I like his voice even tho I always wish he would have a lower voice. But I am content with him anyway.

Overall, the song is 100% better than the MV. I know there will appear another version but I don';t give a crap. I love the song and only the song. The dance seems pretty awesome too and the coordination and things, they are still one of the top bands as dancers. I like them and I like Destiny too. It sounds like a soundtrack too. Epic song this month...EPIC.

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