luni, 22 iulie 2013

Music to the Ears (Junsu's Incredible!)

Back to INCREDIBLE, Junsu's comeback is just so awesome. My heart just started to beat a little bit faster when I hit the play button on YouTube...maybe. But his whole album is pretty good. His voice sounds smooth like always and most of his songs are that kind of Justin Timberlake-ish feel and rhythm. It may appear as a ballad album but it's not really. Incredible is not a ballad and Turn It Up is more like a sex song.

Um, well the video of Incredible is nice. I really like how normal it seems to see a Korean artist with Caucasian dancers. It just hits deep, you know. Most Korean companies have the same mentality when it comes to this. Like the dancers can be whatever but still, most of them are Koreans or maybe Chinese. That also applies for artists. I hate to give out bad news but if you go to Korea with thoughts of becoming an idol then you may as well just give up from now because Koreans have their own label/example they work with and Caucasian or Black people won't really make it on that least not yet. The future seems bright so let's keep a positive attitude. But back to Junsu, his company is different because I know it concentrates on America and yeah...

His song is incredible and that's all I have in mind except for the loof, but I will talk about that later. I think there is a plot hidden in the MV but from what I see, there's a pretty model who goes sasaeng on Junsu, making pictures, stalking and whatever. Surprisingly, because she is everywhere, Junsu takes notice and is more attentive to her. At some party he meets her and then they end up in a bed..where Junsu wants to scare her off...or get laid...but anyway there's finally a kiss scene! It's not an intense scene but it still is and that's something.

That man is so hot and cute and awesome and talented and there are so many adjectives for him but I think the best one is...BAMBAYA! so yeah...  

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