luni, 22 iulie 2013

Music to the Ears (BEAST's Shadow)

The last one, because it's getting tiring, is Beast's comeback. The teaser didn't express much for me but the song is quite catchy and worth it. What impressed me in a way was the girl and the whole idea with the dark and light. Also, the design on the girl's face and body was also captivating. It all created something fantastic. The images are all dark and sinister, it gets you entirely into the song and its meaning.

Dongwon is my favorite yet, like always, he didn't sing much but he's still my favorite. I really like |Hyunseung's voice. It's kinda scratchy but really nice. It's higher than the others' and it's really cute. Anyway, Yoseob's voice is still really good and maybe the best out of them yet let's not say anything yet because the others didn't really show us their full potential. And God, look at his hands, HIS DAMN HANDS! You can see the veins and that is hot. But then again, I have something with hands so it may be just me.
 Anyway, the song grabs your attention instantly with "I'm Shadow" part...which is wrong grammatically but after so many years of listening to K-pop you get used to it. However, that is really catchy. Sometimes Hyunseung says it, sometimes Doojoon does but it sounds the same...but is good. I like it a lot.

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