luni, 22 iulie 2013

Music to the Ears (BAP's Hurricane)

Now, let's get back on the latest MV's. BAP came back with two songs, Coffee Shop, which is a ballad/jazzy song that may or may not become background music for actual coffee shops. It's calm and their voices sound sweet. There's no high vocal challenge in it which let other members like JongUp and Himchan feel more relaxed with their vocal abilities. It was concentrated on low ranges for baritones. It sounds good but not many people enjoy this kind of music and some just expected a fun song...which came last week.

BAP's Hurricane just set our roofs on fire, literally. Every member has his own spotlight moment. JongUp doesn't have many lines but they showed his dancing skills which balanced everything. Himchan has one line and that one became a classic. Our Loof is definitely on Fiyah now. It's so funny and Himchan-ish that you can't hide how happy it makes you. An, it's also amusing how his car doesn't have a roof...Also, I love how Himchan just drives around, being proud of his driving license and the others are walking around. YongGuk doesn't like it, I'm sure lol

So, the video is awesome, every member has his own moment, the vocal range is pretty high because Daehyun touches some high notes there and bravo for that. Zelo's hair makes him look like a sheep but let's get over it. That guy has swag in him. He was born for music and for the life of an idol. He's high quality and I love the kid. He developed so many skills and at such a young age! Let's take a moment and applaud his genius. YongGuk, too, has so many resources and so many talents to make something out of. They are awesome.

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