luni, 22 iulie 2013

Best Rookies of 2013 (My Opinion)

I FUCKING FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL AND FINALLY CAN LEAVE FOR SEOUL!...even if that will happen on January 2nd...anyway, this year was INCREDIBLE! I love the comebacks of a few bands and singers and yes, Junsu is one of them, hence the incredible.

Let's see, my favorite is...I don't have one. These last few weeks have been so full of anticipation and excitement! It's just too much, you know. It's so hard to keep up with everything that's going on in the Korean music industry.

Anyway, it seems that people finally figured what music is about with the best rookies of 2013, in my opinion and everyone else's actually, BTS aka Bangtan Boys. They came out with No More Dream which shook the fandoms because let's admit, it doesn't matter who's fan you say you are devoted to, you must like one of the underage kids form Bangtan.

I love these guys especially for their music and their talent at making it themselves. It has beats that captivates you and let's be honest, there's an eargasm every time you listen to No More Dream or We Are BulletProof Part 2. The second single is amazing. My friends were are going crazy over it when I didn't even know what was happening and I was a little meh. But damn, after I listened it by some tiny coincidence it blew my ears off. It's somehow intense and there's a lot of rhythm changing yet it sounds really good.

About the members, who are mostly underage, I love them. For me, Rap Monster is just amazing. He is about my age and he gives that Zico-ish flow. So yes, he is one hell of a rapper and many other things. Also, for me and my friends, Jin is also a real hottie. Well he's my bias mostly because he is weird and he's a 92'er. I like boys who are born in 90' and 92' which are most of my biases. Anyway, V looks like Baekhyun from EXO a lot. I do suspect he is the BaekYeol child..and I'm not even joking. Also what I like at this band is that they are still very young yet they already put their print on the Korean music industry and it is at a pretty high level, if we think about it. They placed themselves up there and they are still rookies. Kind of like BAP but their style is somewhere like a mix of Block B and BAP...which is perfection in my opinion.

Let's stop for a moment and admire these awesome kids and their talent ;)

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