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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 4

The ride to the hotel was silent. She left the prison with some kind of melancholy. She had been through that kind of situation before but it still hurt.

Humans weren't worthy. She always lived by that principle. Kira wasn't a God and she was sure he will, eventually, get caught.

When she arrived at the hotel, the receptionist told her that the 22nd floor was entirely occupied, which intrigued her. She didn't ask for any other information, though. She simply grabbed the key and walked to the elevator. She waited just for a few second until the doors opened.

A man dressed in black walked out of the elevator and right past her. She wasn't very tall, but she did get a good view of the man's face. He had an old, Victorian hat on his head but it couldn't cover the white hair completely. She walked into the elevator with a playful smirk.

The hotel room was definitely less luxurious than her apartment in New York but it was good enough. She didn't have any luggage; therefore she didn't have any clothes.

Getting quite uncomfortable in a pair of black jeans and a formal shirt, she had no choice but sleep in her undergarments.

While she was slowly getting things out of her purse, like a hair brush or her phone, she also found BB's letter. She knew it was for L but that didn't matter. She wasn't a fan of personal space and intimacy. If she wanted something, she was more than ready to die for it or cross any boundaries.

The letter wasn't long and it didn't contain anything suspicious; at least not at first sight. She knew BB for long enough to figure out that everything he ever did was either complicated or made out of spite. She didn't know which one was the case in that letter since every time he mentioned L it was from both spite and personal issues which made everything complicated.

She read the letter once more. There had to be a puzzle behind it because the letter itself was bullshit. There were just words put together to make some kind of sense for unwanted readers. She was one of them in that moment.

"Or maybe not…"

She narrowed her eyes and started to position the letters differently. It didn't take long to discover the message within.

She placed the first two sentences differently. Two words were made out of the first letters of the first sentence while the third one was made out of every last letter from the third sentence.

You don't know

The last part was not hidden at all. It was created out of the third letter of the mid words of the last sentence.

What you're messing with

That was definitely directed towards L. Just he could have a chance at finding the hidden message.
However, that line held the whole Kira case behind it. L and the police didn't know about the Death Note and she was pretty sure they would never believe what they couldn't see: Shinigami.

If L will ever find Kira then he will have a lot of work trying to prove it.

"You can't fight death with justice. I guess you'll find out pretty soon" She walked towards the immense window from the living room and stared at the city below. "Both of you will." She continued.

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