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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 5

The next day, Yvonne woke up on the couch, in the living room. She stretched and yawned loudly. She wasn't a morning person. In fact, she was quite lazy and comfortable. She often preferred to be alone so that no one would judge her lifestyle. Her family was indeed rich but she wasn't famous. If it wasn't for the big IQ and that creativity of hers she would have ended up on the streets, maybe.

She didn't have any spare clothes and she didn't eat anything since she landed in Japan. She took a shower and dressed in the same clothes. She had to go shopping.

When she left her room, she completely forgot about the man in black and his resemblance to someone she knew. When she walked into the lobby, there was someone waiting for her. She raised an eyebrow but didn't move. The man walked right past her but, subtly, gave her a note.

She didn't even unfold it until she got a few miles away from the hotel. She sat on a bench in the busy Shinjuku and read it. There wasn't much, though. It was written just a room number.

"That's on the 22nd floor" She mumbled to herself. She sighed and placed the note back into her pocket. It was still too soon to make her appearance. She entered the first store and looked for clothes. However, she didn't have much time to look around because her phone started to ring. It was an unknown number.

"Hello. Miss Noeru?" Except the fact that he misspelled her name, Yvonne was still calm. "I'm sorry but the prisoner from cell number 9984 died this morning. You have to come and take his belongings. You are the only person he signed as relative." The whole world seemed to slow down. She stopped and hung up. It all seemed surreal. She knew he was going to die but she wasn't ready. It was too soon. She hoped she could actually find a way to save him.

"But his arrest wasn't made public, was it?" She whispered to herself. She was too shocked to think logically. The LA murder cases were indeed popular back then but…it hurt. It hurt deeper than she imagined. Also, it's been some time since she last felt such emotions.

Her shopping spree ended abruptly. In approximately 2 hours she finished buying clothes for a week and food. Her next stop was the jail. When she arrived there, the guardians were all busy with a few more people. It seemed Beyond wasn't the only one who died that night.

"Are you Miss Noeru?" She nodded to the young guardian. He smiled comfortably and gave her a box. It was pretty light. She also had to sign for it. "You are the girl who visited him yesterday. I'm sorry. He, and several prisoners, died last night of heart attacks. It must have been Kira." She narrowed her eyes at the guardian, making him smile nervously and shut up. She knew already how and who killed her supposedly best friend. "If it makes you feel better, he mentioned you while talking to himself. I'm sorry again for your loss." She sighed and left quickly. She was already sick of pity.

"Fool. Maybe I would have had come quicker if you would have called me." She sighed again and rubbed her eye. She was still sleepy.

That day, she didn't take the cab. She took the bus, which took a lot more. She also had to walk by foot to the hotel. While she was slowly making her way towards what was supposed to be her home for a few weeks, she didn't fail to notice a familiar face.

"Yagami…" She raised an eyebrow and stopped. She couldn't see very well the person he was talking to; that, until she moved a little. Yvonne could swear she had seen that woman before. She titled her head and furrowed her eyebrows, in order to catch a better sight of the woman. Her black her, her height, her clothes, it was all familiar. She gasped when she finally figured it out.

"Naomi Misora…she worked on LA Murder Cases!" She couldn't hear what they were talking about since she was on the other side of the road but she saw Light writing something on a tiny piece of paper and next thing she saw, Naomi Misora was getting further away with a look of depression and suicidal attempt.

Light didn't know Yvonne just found him out. He was joyfully living his accomplishment. However, the Shinigami felt her presence right away.

Hey Light. Look on your right.

He wasn't supposed to enter that game but he couldn't pass the chance.

Light did exactly what his companion informed him to and his platonic face changed drastically. He narrowed his eyes at her but kept his head held high. She just witnessed him acting as Kira and sending Raye Penber's fiancée to death.

She won't tell on you. Much like a Shinigami, she doesn't have the right to impose. She can just watch from side.

That didn't make any difference, though. Yvonne and Light were staring at each other with the same look. However, Yvonne smirked. Just before a car drove by and interrupted their staring contest, her eyes became bloody red. Light didn't move but when the car passed, she wasn't there anymore.

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