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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 6

Even though she looked calm, inside her heart there was a hurricane. How could she have not seen that coming?

"He couldn't see his own lifespan but I could and he shouldn't have died now" She muttered.

Her head hurt and so did her heart. In the past 22 years she never made a single friend. She didn't know why; maybe she was too comfortable and took everything for granted or maybe she was too scared that they would find her different. She was an adopted child yet the Noir family never behaved accordingly. They embraced her presence; they welcomed her in the family and made her feel as if she was part of them.

She chose to stop thinking for a while. Her mind was already working at an inhuman pace. She didn't want it to move even faster. She stopped in the lobby and rubbed her forehead. She suddenly got overwhelmed by what was happening.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea" She muttered again.

With a dramatic sigh, she walked towards the elevator. It came rather quick and she was the only one waiting for it. Unfortunately, when the doors were ready to close, someone stopped them. She raised her head instantly and started to glare at the man.

The silence between the two was awkward. The elevator music wasn't any help at all. When it reached the 22nd floor, the man turned to her.

"He's making up a team" She didn't move and remained expressionless.

"Good for him" The man wasn't ready to give up.

"I thought you were friends" She narrowed her eyes and scoffed.

"He doesn't have friends" In the end, the man sighed and gave up.

He knew she was stubborn and proud. Once she got hurt she was able to forgive but she never forgot. She was childish and self-centered and she didn't change.

When she arrived in her own hotel room, the first thing she did was turn on the television. There was a soap opera on some random channel and left it there. She didn't want any news about any death in that moment.

Next, she went into her room and placed her new clothes into the dresser. She placed the food into the small refrigerator and jumped on the bed. It had been an eventful day.

She placed her hand over her eyes and sighed. She had hoped that the whole Kira case would be easy and fun, since she actually possessed the Shinigami Eyes but it definitely wasn't.

"The ones who are born to be doomed will forever live an unfortunate life" She mumbled while she started to move her hands over the bed.

At some point, she touched something small but firm. She got up quickly and grabbed the box. It was full of BB's things from the Japanese jail but also the American one. Everything he had; everything was in there.

She opened it carefully and remarked that it was full of paper; nothing else but paper. Her left eye started to twitch when she started to read what was written on the paper.

"Today, I'm bored. There's nothing to play with and those incompetent guardians don't give me eatable food."
"I made a fool out of the new guardian. He's quite young. It shouldn't be hard to make him give me some jam"
"I finally got my hands on strawberry jam."

She sighed. Everything he had written was about his need of strawberry jam. The few things Beyond Birthday couldn't live without were pride, his own identity and strawberry jam. He was like a child.

For the next few hours, Yvonne went through every piece of paper in the package. Most of them were random and in English. He had nothing to do, he was already embarrassed for a lifetime and he had no one to play with. Exactly like a child who got grounded.

There were only three papers that contained something more. One was about LA and what happened there; the second was about Wammy but in a very difficult way to read. He scrambled a lot of letters and if you were to put them in the right order it read: Dare to Survive L.
She scoffed and rolled her eyes. It was childish but it was understandable. His lifetime wish was to become better than L in any possible way.

The third one, though, had a few numbers written on it. There was the address of Wammy's House but there were also a few more numbers that didn't make any sense. Was it a lifespan he saw? Or maybe something only he would know? But also, it was addressed to her. He wrote: Distraction is the only way to get Beyond the Law.

If you were smart enough and knew about his past puzzles, it was quite easy to understand the meaning behind it.

D is the only way to get B the L.
D is the only one who can make B forget about L.
D and B are friends.
B's Distraction.

She didn't want to cry. She seriously tried not to show any emotion but it was too hard. She remained 
silent and tears started to pour down her checks.

A few levels below, the man dressed in dark entered room number 221. It was situated on the 22nd floor, the one the receptionist said it was entirely reserved.

"Everything is prepared, Watari?" The man nodded. He walked deeper into the room and gave up on his facade. He was an elder man. His white hair was styled in a British way and he looked warm and kind but still a gentleman.

"Everything is ready. I planted bugs and cameras around the two apartments" The younger man in the room looked pretty satisfied.

"How did it go? Did she receive the mission?" Watari started to chuckle. It was definitely amusing.

"She's not going to come on her own will. She is stubborn as always" The younger man, which stood in a crouched position, started to bit his finger and didn't look very happy.

"Should I uncover my identity in front of her?" It wasn't necessarily meant as a question for Watari but the elder responded anyway. It sounded more like an advice.

" I believe you should just ask for her help personally" The youngest hummed and walked out the door. Watari watched bemusedly as his best pupil was ready to give up little of his self esteem for another.

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