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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 2

What seemed to be a few hours ended up as being the whole flight. She woke up with a stomach ache, because she couldn't eat anything, and her back hurt from the uncomfortable way she slept. As she stepped out off the airplane, she stretched. She could hear her bones crack.

'Japan, Japan. You didn't change one bit since I last came here.' She messed her hair and sighed, before she walked towards the entrance. She found a taxi quite fast but she didn't know exactly where to go. She ended up walking aimlessly around Tokyo. She was somewhere close to a park when something weird caught her eye.

She tried to cover up her real intentions. There weren't many people on that street. There was just a shop, houses on each side of the alley and a young guy who was silently walking in front of her. What caught her attention, however, was the black morbid creature walking behind the young teenager. It looked like he was fooling around, convinced that no one could see him.

'Idiot' She bit her lip, debating with herself. Should she follow the guy and satisfy her curiosity or go to the hotel and do nothing? Well, it wasn't that hard to choose.

She followed closely, yet her victim didn't even remark her. He stopped and bought an apple. There was nothing suspicious about that. He continued to walk towards a bench and sat down.

'He doesn't respond to anything the Shinigami does. He ignores everything that happens around him but doesn't seem to loosen up. He's not stupid at all.' She narrowed her eyes but didn't walk closer. She was a few feet away from him.

She couldn't see everything perfectly but the Shinigami was also pretty big. It was hard to miss him out.

There was no one around. The park was pretty much deserted. When the teenager stuck the apple out, for common eyes, it looked like it just got eaten by itself. She decided to take the matters in her own hands. She walked closer in utter silence and dropped her purse. The noise was loud enough to attract attention.

The boy tensed visibly and turned his head towards her. She tried to act accordingly. Her eyes widened considerably and she opened her mouth slightly.

She looked like a person who just got a shock.

'Excuse me, but did that apple, where did it go?' She tried to sound surprised and innocent. It wasn't in her blood to be harmless and easily manipulated but she knew how to act.

'I'm sorry but I think you just imagined it. There is no apple, see?' He actually moved his hand in front of her, showing how he had nothing in it. For a moment, she felt annoyed. He actually wanted her to believe such a stupid lie? However, she chose to play his game.

'Maybe. I forgot to take my glasses today. Everything is a little blurry' She scratched her head, nervously and smiled softly. It looked naive enough.

He walked closer to her and watched her expressions intensely. He was checking if she was a danger. When he was sure she meant no harm, he tried to look nicer.

Somewhere behind the teenager, a Shinigami was cracking up. He was greatly entertained by the show the two were putting up.

'That must be the cause.' He cracked a smile, which was so wide and fake that almost hurt her face.

'Are you from this part of the city?' He nodded and actually started a nice act.

'I live nearby. Are you lost?' For a moment Yvonne didn't know what to say. If she lied, there was a slim chance she would end up at his house or knowing where his house was. If she were to tell the truth, she would end up with nothing. She nodded and smiled again.

She had an air of a classy woman but he wasn't stupid. Her eyes were big and blank. There was no emotion in them. It intrigued him. He was curious what was going through her head; if he believed his stupid lie, then maybe she wasn't a treat, but then again, it was rather stupid.

Trying to break the ice, the woman bowed.

' I am Ivy' She titled her head and pushed the bangs out of her face. 'I arrived in Japan a few hours ago. I'm afraid I wandered too far from the hotel' She laughed nervously.

It was all for a good cause but that thought was slowly slipping. She couldn't play a charade every time she had the chance to meet him.

He watched her every action and still measured the level of treat in her. There was something about her that didn't seem naive. Her introduction was in the norms of a usual conversation but the Shinigami started to laugh loudly.

The boy tensed again and his eyes narrowed. If Ryuk was having such a fun time then something was suspicious about her. However, he couldn't understand what. She was thin yet she was rather tall for a woman. Her appearance didn't attract attention to her. She looked modest.

'Do you want me to show you the the way to nearest bus stop?' She nodded and bowed, gratefully. They started to walk in sync but something didn't seem right. He was too tense. He needed to find more information about her. 'So, where are you from?' She turned her head to look at him and blinked.

Light wasn't impressed by her one word answer. It was too neutral. He couldn't even ask for her entire name because it would sound creepy and if he were to kill her, her family would know who she talked to in the last 24 hours. Not that he wanted to but there was something about her that ticked him off. If he was right, from the way she would always stretch and the bags under her eyes, what she said was true.

'What about you? What's your name?' She seemed so innocent and her question sounded so normal that it confused him. If he were to tell her his name, then he couldn't kill her but if not, she would get suspicious.

'Light' He responded her exactly like she introduced herself.

She titled her head to get a better sight of his face. Her eyes traveled from his eyebrows to his chin. She was very perceptive of his looks.

'You're quite handsome. I bet you have a lot of fans in high school' She chuckled playfully, trying to get him to loosen up more.

He wasn't stupid. A smart person handles differently the Death Note. Yet, how smart was he? How far was he ready to go?

Hey Light, this girl is playing you like she wants

The Shinigami started to get interested. He had in front two people who were more alike than they knew. Light wanted to get rid of the disgraces of the world. At some point, Ivy wanted that too.

The girl just rolled her eyes but didn't let her mask fall down. She tried to ignore the Shinigami so that her cover won't be blown. She was experienced enough with situations like that. She had to endure her personal feelings and thoughts in order to get out what she wants to hear from the culprit.

You don't talk much nowadays, do you?

That question sounded neutral. With what was happening home, it could have been addressed to Light but that wasn't the case.

Ryuk was trying to talk to her. She couldn't hear him. She didn't have how. She didn't posses a Death Note and she didn't touch one either. However, something didn't feel right. d

You should ask her more questions, Light. She is fun. You just have to push the right buttons

Ryuk started to laugh loudly and fly crazily in the back. From the corner of his eye, he saw the reaction he needed. Her left eye started to twitch.

'Why did you come to Japan?' He was more forward with his questions because of that idiotic Shinigami. She shrugged.

'I guess I got interested in the latest events' She pulled her purse closer to her body and continued to walk.

'So you know about Kira?' She nodded. 'What do you think?' He was curious to hear her answer.

'What I think?' She stopped and started to chuckle. He raised an eyebrow and stopped behind her. 'What I think doesn't matter. My opinion would be wasted. What the masses think. That's what matters.' She turned to him and smirked. 'The masses think he is a treat for the international security. 
The countries try to work together against the common danger. I wonder though' She turned her head to the side and started to rub her chin.

Light watched her. He didn't like how her opinion was so ambiguous. She practically didn't have any! She just did what the majority of people do: follow the leader and his beliefs. In that moment, his mind was set. She was a spiteful human who just didn't care about anything. She was simple and annoying.

'If there is a balance between evil and good then how far will Kira go? If he disrupts this balance, what will happen? There is a price for everything, Light'

She turned her back to him and started to walk again.

When they arrived at the bus station, Light tried to cover himself with another nice act.

'What do you mean?' He really wanted to hear the whole hypothesis.

'You have to give something so that you can get something in return. Sometimes, the price is your life.' 

She looked at him over her shoulder and smirked. Something was different though. His eyes widened and he stopped mid step. Her eyes were different and so was her tone.

'Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for a better world, Yagami Light?Or are you going to die by the hands of a Death God?' He was completely taken aback by her statements. He gasped and took a step back.

The bus station was just a few feet in front. The bus was taking a corner and had just a few minutes left to the station. She didn't have anything else to ask him so she continued her nice act. She turned to him and smiled. It was the opposite of what she was transmitting just a few second earlier.

'Well, Light, thank you for accompanying me. It was a pleasure to meet you. Here' She opened her purse and grabbed something out of it. She handed the small paper to him. When she walked further away, Light looked at the paper. It was a contact card and it was all in French.

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