vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014


Everyone got hipped up by the rookie band from JYP am I right? I know because when I heard that JB and Jr will debut with GOT7, I got very curious as well. Let's see, their debut stage wasn't something extraordinary and show off-ish. Instead, they concentrated on their skills like singing, rapping, martial arts. I recognize I was impressed by them. Their songs sounds awfully catchy and Girls Girls Girls has a lot of potential as a debut song. On the other side, though, I listened to their whole album and there were better songs.

The members are all really young. I like how each has his own interesting personality and how easy it is to learn them. We know JB and Jr from JJ Project and we all love them for their happy, talented and handsome selves. A lot, if not most, of my friends like Mark. Why? Because he has red hair lol. But that is definitely not the only reason.  He is the oldest member and gives of a mature aura. However, he is kind of silent. But, they had their debut recently so no one really knows how they behave usually. That is still a mystery ready to be unsolved by the thousands of GOT7 fans. Jackson gives me a Kris-ish feeling. Maybe because they are both half Chinese and know English. But, Jackson seems more outgoing and childish. He is a 94 liner so he thinks as a young adult. Kris...I should not comment about Kris, sincerely. I definitely give Jackson more points, though. He looks like he is a fun guy. But, he looks and acts more american than Mark. Next, the youngsters. Bam Bam is adorable. He dances and raps really well for someone his age. I really like Youngjae. I would take him under my wing, truthfully. He is young and he has a really good voice form what I heard. Of course, I do prefer JB, but Youngjae is still young. And Yugyeom looks really cute. Personally, he looks like he has intense natural aegyo which I don't know if it's good or bad yet. He doesn't look like the maknae, but he is. But then again, in MIB, the maknae seriously doesn't look like the maknae as well. You got the point.

They are all young and have potential. JYP sees that and we see that too. Their fan base is still under maintenance, if you understand. That means it will continue to grow and grow, probably. I'm very curious how they will grow to be and what music they will continue to make.

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