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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 3

"Who was that, Ryuk?" Light just got home from his encounter with that strange woman. The Shinigami started to laugh when he remembered. It was fun to watch them interact.

"I'm sorry Light but I made a deal with the Shinigami King. I can't talk about her" That quirked his interest. That meant she was not an ordinary human. There were many possibilities and little time to find out more information.

"Those eyes; her eyes were red. She has the Shinigami Eyes, am I right?" Ryuk chuckled but nodded nonetheless. "How can she have them? Did she make the deal with a Shinigami? Does she posses a Death Note?" The Shinigami stretched his head.

"Well, it is a little more complicated than that. All I can say is that she doesn't have a Death Note. At least not from what I know" Light scoffed. He still had so many questions about that Ivy. She was French yet she could speak Japanese without a problem.

"And what happens if you tell me? You're going to die?" It was supposed to be an insult, an irony but there was no laughter.

"Something like that, yes" Light mumbled something to himself and glared at his unwanted companion. That girl seemed so simple yet she was a mystery. Ryuk wasn't going to tell him so why bother? He was just going to continue what he started.

On the other side, Yvonne didn't go to the hotel. She had other business to attend to. She got off the bus at the next station and took a taxi. Her next stop was rather far by foot. She was indeed tired and the last encounter was interesting enough. She met Kira without even trying. It went pretty well. She tried so hard to act nicely that her checks still hurt. Next, she had to pay a visit to an old friend.
When the taxi stopped, the driver looked confused. She smiled reassuringly and paid him. She was very small next to the intimidating entrance. She walked in without much fuss. The guardians were a little skeptical to let her go but they couldn't keep her out either.

"This is his cell" The guard gave her a kind smile and pushed the door open. "If there is any problem, please call out." She blinked. There was no nod, no smile, nothing. She wasn't a person that would show feelings. She didn't have a poker face either. She just looked normal and maybe a little parallel to what was happening around her.

She walked slowly into the dark room. It was small but it had a bed and a toilet. The door closed loudly behind her. It was so dark that she couldn't trace him in the room. Luckily, his eyes were pretty much enlightening his figure.

"Look who came to visit" He snickered and walked towards her. His moves were so slow; it felt a lot like he was watching his prey. However, Yvonne was blank. Her figure was lost into darkness. She caught his hand and in just a few seconds, she had him pinned on his bed.

"That's how you welcome your guests?" The man continued to snicker. It wasn't amusing and the force she applied on his body wasn't a joke either yet he was already accustomed to that.

"I didn't think you'd come and visit. The chances for that to happen were under 50%." She chuckled and bent over him.

"Don't be a smartass. You knew very well that I would come, eventually." He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Does it feel like a déjà vu?" She started to chuckle darkly. In just a flash, she had her hand around his neck, ready to apply enough pressure to suffocate him.

"Don't push your luck, Beyond" Even if his position was the one of a victim, he started to genuinely laugh.

"You won't kill me. I trust you." She raised an eyebrow and titled her head. She leaned even closer to him.

"Trust is a big word for what you have done in the past" He rolled his eyes and pushed her aside, easily. She wasn't a threat; at least not in that moment.

"I've been caught and sent to prison. Even more surprisingly is that I've been transferred to a Japanese prison. I thought you might have had something to do with it but you don't live in Japan." 

She got off him and sat normally on what was supposed to be his bed.

"You think L has something to do with it. I don't know what happened after you got into jail. You practically signed up for it from the beginning." Beyond scoffed lightly and positioned himself weirdly on the bed.

"What do you know, then?" She raised an eyebrow and bit her lip.

"L, probably, sent you to Japan for his own selfish reasons. You two are very much alike in that domain."Beyond narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm pretty sure he already got involved into the Kira case. Maybe he wants your help"

"I'm going to die pretty soon. I'm not stupid, Kaira. The only way I could be saved is if you make another deal and we both know there are slim chances for that to happen." He was a lucid and brilliant genius. Adding to that, he was born with Shingami Eyes. Beyond Birthday could've ended up as either a savior or a murderer. He chose none. However, Yvonne tensed up. It had been some time since she was called that name.

"I don't want to see you die. I can't guarantee for your life, Beyond. You are not a murderer because you killed people who were supposed to die already on the same dates. However, you're a childish prick who had always been blinded by hubris." Beyond didn't look offended at all. He chuckled, instead.

"Look who speaks about hubris and childishness. You use big words for a past like yours. Or maybe you have forgotten who you are?" She glared at him and growled.

"You practically just wanted to show how smart you are, you wanted to commit suicide in the end but someone caught you just in time. You are in prison not because you are seriously dangerous but because you were blinded by superiority issues. If you could have just accepted L as the greatest detective you wouldn't have craved to become the greatest criminal" He didn't want to hear her telling him about his failures even if, in the end, she was right.

"What about this Kira? What do you know about him? Did you analyze him yet?" He was ironic. He really couldn't accept the truth. He was childish and he hated to lose. That was exactly what happened 2 years ago.

"This Kira is not a serial killer. It's just a kid looking for justice in the world. He saw none so he decided to make it on his own. He doesn't know the length of trouble he will get into"

"Then what? Do you want to guide him? Why not give him some advi-ow" She hit him in the head pretty hard. It annoyed him so he got up quickly and hovered over her. She was expressionless. 

"You're lying to yourself, D. You came here for a new life, didn't you? You wanted to be the justice. Are you going to let that kid do your work?" She blinked a few times and started to laugh.

She pushed him away and patted his head. It did annoy him but he also gave in to her hand, like a puppy. He was a criminal, a dangerous one, yet in front of her, he was fun and playful.

"I was cruel and bloodthirsty once. That's why I was able to get closer to you at Wammy's and even befriend you. We shared the same eyes, the same blood lust but you are human and I am not. That's the difference between you and me." He rolled his eyes again but there was something else too. He was getting annoyed and unstable.

"You got accustomed easily with everyone at Wammy's. However, you never showed your true potential. Were you afraid that you will become one of us? Or was L's fault? You were quite close, weren't you?" She hit him again in the leg, making him fall down.

"I still wonder how you softened me up enough to befriend me." She sighed and scratched her check. 

"Do you have something for L? I'm sure you had enough time to write a lot of things in here" Beyond Birthday was a man who knew how to hold grudges and the one he had on the detective was enough for a lifetime. However, he did give her a letter.

"Any last request from me?" He didn't expect what came next.

She kissed him. It came out of nowhere. He couldn't really push her away. She was the only person he ever had close to a friend. The kiss was a symbol for both of them. It meant their friendship but also their goodbyes. They were both lucid and smart people. They both knew that Kira was going to find out about Beyond too. It was all a matter of time.

With one last peck on the cheek, Yvonne turned her back on him and signaled for the guard to come and open the door. She gave one last look over her shoulder and winked.

"See you later, BB." It wasn't funny but he started to laugh loudly. She left him laughing like a maniac.

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