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Death Note: Bittersweet~ Chapter 1

Breaking news

The letters appeared on the television as a reminder that the world is nothing more than an orchard. There are beautiful and tasty fruits which seem to make humans feel closer to Heaven yet there are also rotten, ugly fruits which give them a bitter taste of Hell.
The human world is somewhere in the middle and there is a fair drop of Hell and Heaven in everything, especially in humans.

We are interrupting the program for a special broadcast.

'What is so special at it?' One of the multitudes of viewers mumbled for himself.

It was one of those ugly days when nothing was working according to the plan. Some people called it a bad day but some took it for granted and simply chose not to get out of the house; those were happy people.

We have been informed that yesterday, 12 FBI agents have been found dead. The director of FBI did not give any detail but it seems they might have been killed by the Japanese murderer, Kira.

The rest of the announcement seemed to attract more attention. Everyone knew Kira throughout the world. Opinions on that matter where divided in three: people who worshiped Kira and thought he does the world a favor; people who were completely against his beliefs and the neutral ones, who did not care.

The thin girl who just moved in the famous city of New York was one of the neutral ones. She didn't care about much in life and Kira was definitely one of the subjects she tried to bypass. While she lived with her parents, she heard from her younger brother about criminals all around the world who simply died from a heart attack. It didn't matter if they were sick or not; they just died out of nowhere.

As we know, Kira is the alias of the Japanese mass murderer who, surprisingly, kills just criminals of high misdemeanor. It has been proven that this Kira exists and he needs only a name and a face to kill his victims. But what is this character? Is he a murderer or a savior?

'Or stupid' The girl continued while never interrupting her work.
She just moved into New York and she didn't have the time to unpack anything. She went through 2 boxes and she still had another 4 to go. It was still early but she was already losing focus on her activity.

The special broadcast ended as abruptly as it started. The show that was on TV before, started again and everything looked normal. There was nothing interesting to do and unpacking was getting tiring. She already lost her interest and half of the apartment was already furnished anyway.

'Life is getting blank' She stated before she simply fell on the available space of her couch.

The apartment was situated somewhere in a more silent part of the city and granted to her family reputation, it was quite high up. It didn't look like a penthouse but it wasn't something modest either. It was just fine.

Out of boredom, she reached out for one of the many magazines on the coffee table. Most of them were either talking about celebrity gossip or Kira. Both matters were of extreme importance for the National Security, it seemed.

'What do they know? There is nothing done from pure coincidence. Criminals don't die just out of boredom. However'

She knew about the supposed-savior of the contemporary world. It was quite a phenomenon. The way he killed sounded awfully familiar. It reminded her about…

'Where is death, there is also the work of a Shinigami'

In just one hour, the girl was dressed and ready to live abroad. It wasn't something urgent, in her point of view, but it was extremely important and exciting. She didn't even pack. She didn't need clothes or toiletries. She could buy them all when they were needed. She had only a purse and its contents.

She took a taxi to the airport and easily made her way through the mass of people towards the ticket booth. Without a monetary trouble, she bought a ticket to the quickest flight for Japan. When she saw herself seated comfortably at the business class, she grabbed her phone form the purse and started to dial a number.

'Hello? I would like to reserve a room at Teito Hotel.' There was a small pause, while the person on the other hand started to talk and complete the arrangement.'I understand. Place it under the name Yvonne Noir. Thank you.'

She hung up and placed her phone on her lap. With a deep sigh, she leaned back on her seat and closed her eyes. It was going to be a long flight.

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