sâmbătă, 6 octombrie 2012

DBSK's Comeback Stage

Have you seen the comeback stage of DBSK?! It was amazing! I truthfully watched the whole performance without breathing! It was real show and SM trainees should definitely learn from these awesome sunbaes. Yunho really surprised me with his vocals. It seems he got even better and Changmin is just very talented. There are no words how much I like Changmin's voice. He can rise to high notes without much fuss and it sounds exactly like on the record.

Catch Me is one of those classic songs that just catch your attention and are really hard to ignore. Also, it's a pity if it doesn't get in your playlist. I'm not a Cassie but it still affects me what happens with them. From my point of view, if you read the lyrics, it seems like the guys taunt the Cassies. Catch them if you want and love them. It's like saying 'we're here. don't let go of us.' and I don't know...maybe it's just me.

The dance is perfect. Of course, SM usually has pretty difficult and mesmerizing dances. It's so powerful, though and  each time I watch them perform it's like I see something rising from the ashes. It's really amazing, like a Phoenix. Sincerely, that's how I see them. Because there had happened so much and they worth much more; I will forever wait for DBSK to become one again and be shocked how bright they shine and how they are real idols with real talent.

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