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B1A4- In the Wind

Ok so I seriously couldn't stop myself from doing this. The new B1A4 album is really awesome and surprisingly well made. It has some female voices here and there and Jinyoung's solo sounds very good, though for me it is a little bit boring. However, it's one of the best albums I listened this year. I'm really proud of these young guys. They really worked a lot since their début and tried to take any image they could master in order to captivate their fans and even the non fans. Now, the fact that the badass concept doesn't work at all on them well...let's say this new bohemian aspect and very stylish and classy clothes and hairstyles really suit them well.

The whole album, for me, is quite a pleasure listening to. It has some melancholic rhythms and also there are some catchy melodic phrases which really captivates me. I'm really curious who composed the songs because they are kind of my style.

The intro of the album is nice. It has some orchestra on the back but what I like the most is that it creates a fantasy world where you can imagine yourself in a garden full of red roses, simply swaying with the wind. For me, since I'm quite the melancholic type, gets me into a truthfully wonderful atmosphere. That's some great way of introducing the next song.

The second track is actually their title song, Tried to Walk. For me, the transition from the Intro and into this sad song is wonderful and perfectly made. I already explained why this song seems so deep and bohemian for me. It's not just the song itself that attracts the listener but the lyrics also are different. It's not a story necessarily but more like a soul which is torn apart by reality.

The next song is  너만 있으면  or more commonly know as If... Well now, this song is one of my favourites so far. I love their voices and the whole aspect of the song. It's exactly how they express it, you know. When you fall in love with someone and sometimes don't want to recognize your feelings or don't even recognize them at all. I haven't fallen in love until now, sadly, but it still touches me somehow. For me, this is the perfect way of characterizing a first love.

Now, now, the fourth track on the album has a narration by Suzy from Miss A. I really like how she changes the song, making it more significant. This is my favourite song of In the Wind and I seriously can't stop listening to it. It has something that catches your attention (blame that awesome composer) and there are some parts that intrigue me. For example, the chorus. It's so addictive! And I love how Baro begins the song smoothly with a soft deep voice. It sounds warm but hurt at the same time. The whole songs is like that and the lyrics just complete everything. If previously there was a first love, the guy was willing to wait for her, she was the reason of his life, now she left and there's so much resentment into the song. I love it.

The fifth track is 뭐 할래요 which caught my attention very fast. It's a song that doesn't have special lyrics with extraordinary story behind or something bohemian, poetic to them. They're very simple. However, the melody gets you more interested in the song. It's smooth and calm. The way the song starts already gives a hint of what the song will sound. It's quite an interesting song for me. 

Now, next is Jinyoung's solo which features Jea from Brown Eyed Girls (I like Brown Eyed Girls, as a side note). Why I said this song seems boring? Because Jinyoung's voice is very smooth and very good for slow songs but it also has this sleepy effect. Being so calming makes you relax and slowly fall asleep. It's a good song for your night playlist and after a hard day at school or at work, it's quite good but if you are, for example, on the street and it comes up in your playlist, it provokes sleepiness or gets you bored and you automatically change it to something more upbeat.. But the song overall is good.

In the Air is an awesome song! I swear I'm addicted to it. It sounds more like B1A4 than the rest of the 
album. It reminds me of Beautiful Target and Baby Goodnight but also, it's unique into the whole picture because the other songs are so sad and resentful and here comes the brighter part of the situation. It reminds me a lot of Dancing in the Rain from BAP's album. It was exactly the same situation. The song seemed as if it had been placed there as a side note or I don't know, simply because they wanted to. But it's awesome and fun.

The last song is the instrumental of Tried to Walk, which I listened a few times for my personal interest. There's nothing to add and nothing to complain about. This album is a surprise for me because it sounds different somewhat and I like the new image they want to go for. 

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