duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

Music to the Ears (Boyfriend's Janus)

Wow. Seriously, wow. I'm reviewing a Boyfriend MV. Wow. I'm really surprised by myself. No offence but they're not really my type of boy band. They seem too innocent and young. I don't know who is who because it never interested me and still doesn't. Actually, the one I liked the best in the MV was Shim Hyun Seong since he's one of the two boys who are actually older than me...Well it's not that I don't like them because they are young...but next to my favourite bands (Big Bang, Block B, BAP, etc) they are still children.

Anyway, something about Janus attracted me to them. The song itself doesn't seem to have something different but after listening it for a couple more times it gets you. It's not very catchy but it has some parts that get you addicted to it. The MV itself is kind of cool. Of course, I've never been a fan of the so called 'nature inside of a house'. I seriously don't understand from where did that snow come from since they are inside but no one cares anyway. The dance doesn't seem very difficult either but while watching my friend trying to learn it, it kind of is.

About the outfits, I really like the new image. It's more teenage-ish than their previous one. That red colour really gets them in a good light. They actually look somehow manly. Scratch that, they're still young, inexperienced boys in my point of view. But I still like the song. I'm not the one to judge people but they should try to show older people they are good artists. Until now, I've seen just young teenage girls drooling over them. But, I choose them over Justin Bieber any time, any day.

The lyrics look fine to me. I mean, it is kind of very cliché but it suits the MV and their style. The guy doesn't want to disappoint and bring down the girl with him so he chooses to leave her. I don't see the logic here but that's because I've never been in love and never thought about someone else as being more important than myself.

Overall, the song is good. I listen to it, my friends listen to it even though we're not Boyfriend fans so that means they're improving. I also heard Janus is the title song for their first full length album. I will give that album a listen or two and maybe review it if it worth the time. :)

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