joi, 1 noiembrie 2012


One of the dramas I finished this week is Sprout. I didn't really know what o expect from it, actually, because I seriously didn't see any link to what the subject may be. Anyway, I was surprised to find myself in the posture of the principle characters. The four principle actors are good but sometimes they wouldn't really express the real thing. They are still very young and it can be seen. They have more to learn and they have to experience, to grow so that they can find little bits of themselves into their characters.

For people who don't know what this drama is about, well I'm sure everyone knows what happens when two people fall in love but they don't realize and don't recognize their feelings. They end up paired up with other people and so, it's not just them who suffer but, also, the ones involved indirectly. That's what Sprout is about. The love story evolves when two high school students, named Shouhei and Miku, start living under the same roof after Miku's parents turn their home into a boarding house. The heroine is played by Morikawa Aoi (16) who I find alright actually. She did some nice acting there but I do strongly believe she overplayed some emotions which just meant she never went through that situation. Shouhei, who's a very indecisive young man, is played by Chinen Yuri (19). The actor is good but I didn't like his character that much. He expressed the feeling somewhat veridical but he's just so slow...Other actors are Kojima Fujiko (18) who was a very good Miyuki but the character itself was annoying to some point and Lewis Jesse (16) as Katagiri Hayato. I love the name 'Hayato' but this guy was too...nice. The character should have had more personality. It really looked like he lacked something. Also, the actor is very young and it was so obvious when he had close-ups. Also, his facial expression didn't really convince me of his talent at all. He still has a long, long way to go.

However, I kind of liked the drama. There are a lot of creepy things, though. For example, Miku falls in love with a person who feel right, who gives her the feeling of fate even though she hadn't even seen his face clearly. And when she gets disappointed that he has a girlfriend and he's actually happy, she starts to cry. It's a little bit exaggerated. Seriously...she just met him, for God's sake. Of course he won't fall in love with her from the start. However, I like how the tables turn at some point and Shouhei gets jealous. It really hits you deeply how anyone can transform into Miku or into Shouhei and how this problem doesn't always have a happy ending.


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