miercuri, 14 noiembrie 2012

Music to the Ears(B1A4's Tried to Walk)

Well, let me say that this MV is amazingly well made and surprisingly artistic. I saw the teaser and was a little sceptic because I didn't understand the concept but now, after seeing the full music video, I find it quite interesting. The background changes from member to member but the initial one is kept. If you look closer, it's exactly the same thing but caught in different perspectives by the camera and depends on how the members stay. What I really liked was the parallel Universe/relationship that happened in the whole video. There are two worlds and in each one the girl chooses to leave and the boy practically remain heartbroken and disappointed. However, as the situation goes on, in one world the boy dies and in the other one the girl comes back yet he doesn't seem happy about it. It's like one relationship can't happen because of the other and so one story has to die and one gets the right to live. It's really deep if you watch it closer. It may as well be the two sides of a heart, when practically he's torn apart. I'm sure you've seen how he looks completely lonely when the girl hugs him. I giess that wasn't the point of the music video anyway.

Now, B1A4 are usually young boys who give this innocent feeling. Mostly because they have pretty faces and are very mature in thinking next to other bands who seem more laid back. They came up with very prince-like image throughout time and also they tried something cute in music videos like Beautiful Target and Baby Goodnight. They also tried a more mature and stylish image through Baby I'm Sorry which was an epic fail and made them return to their original concept. This song expresses more than just words, at least that's what they wanted. The concept is somehow abstract and more stylish but in a way they can actually fit in. Personally, the surprise was Baro. He looks somehow mature but at the same time so cute and innocent. He gives me the vibe of a man who has a sensitive heart. But it's obvious he's not a young boy any more and that  itself is a fact for every member. However, his looks reminded me a lot of Zelo's image with that pink hair and his voice reminded me of TOP. His acting throughout the video also really intrigued me because it's good. I was very surprised how good it was. And his personality seems to go really well with this new concept. I'm very proud of him as a fan and also a fellow artist. Now, Jinyoung looks very handsome but he didn't surprise me as much as Baro did.  His new hair colour really suits him. He also has the most  close ups. His voice sounds really soothing in the whole album, not just this song. Sandeul's voice, to me, sounds better. Either he worked harder for this album, either he worked his voice more. But anyway, he looks good with black hair even if I do preferred him brown haired. What got me surprised, again, were CNU and Gongchan. ShinWoo looks very.....interesting. Somehow, his face looks bigger with that hairstyle but some part of me likes it like that. He definitely looks his age like that. On the other way, Gongchan looks amazing. He looks older, manlier than ever and well still ahs that glimpse of innocence. I'm was all mushy mushy over him when I saw his parts, I recognize. But, still, Baro was the best in the MV.

The song is good. Like I said, I listened the whole album and somehow it strongly reminded me of a few songs from Big Bang. They sound like that a lot but still have their own thing which makes them original. They are also very relaxing. I listened to them a lot while doing my homework and it helped me concentrate more. That's really good. And I like how the lyrics are somewhat more than what they seem and have a whole story behind which even if you understand them or not, you still feel it through the song itself.

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