joi, 1 noiembrie 2012

Faith-The High Doctor

Well, well...I cried rivers when this exceptional drama finished. It left the viewers into such a tension because it was really hard to imagine how it would end. Now, Lee Minho has such a huge talent to make whatever role he plays into a magnificent character. Choi Young was so complicated to begin with! There was loyalty but also some rage and resentment. That character toyed with our hearts, seriously. It was so hard to say what he was going to do, who he was going to protect until the end...and I'm really happy with the ending.

Faith is about the romance between a warrior from the ancient times and a female doctor from the modern times, their love transcending time and space. It also tells the story about the process of making a true king. The hardships he has to go through, the internal and external fights, the way he changes and also changes the country. 

Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because he needs her medical skills. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs. He gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior. Yet, that wonderful woman from the future (or Heaven, since they all call it like that) makes a whole lot of changes. She grows up, she finds out what life is, what love is and also learns Choi Young how to do all that, too. It's such a beautiful masterpiece. I love the chemistry between Hee Sun and Minho. They seem to click really well and she's beautiful. They express exactly what they have to, the personalities of the characters are greatly constructed. It's really a masterpiece and there's no one who can negate it.

The evil characters are indeed evil. I can't express how much I could hate that Ki Cheol prince of Whatever. He was cruel and didn't care about anything but hismelf, not even his pledged siblings! He just left them all die and for what? He died anyway. Actually, his death reminds me of "The Shining'. Remember, the evil character died the same way. Also, the Woodalchi were refreshing characters. I mean, they were there to entertain somehow and change the atmosphere a little. It was amusing how Deok Man would always laugh and make fun of his general when he would disappear with Eun Soo. Also, I liked the idea of had been created with a lot of inspiration.

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