vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

Music to the Ears( LEDApple's Let the Wind Blow)

I just heard and seen the song. It's so, so awesome. I've always been a big fan of LedApple because their songs are different yet they have everything it needs to also sell. This song is completely perfect. I don't think I can look as deep as finding something that doesn't seem right. The MV is all about superficiality. As an idol, you practically become the puppet of a master who knows (or doesn't) how to get benefits out of it. Sincerely, to me the whole concept for the music video runs deeper than to most people because I get to see some part of what I do into it. The guys look awesome with their new hair colours. HanByul  looks so hot and Kwangyeon looks really handsome too. He's really awesome and I admire his talent. These guys have actual ytalent you know and it's not because I'm a fan but because they play instruments very well and it's a proven fact already. The backgrounds look interesting and the fact that they used some plot, even if it's really rough around the edges, it's still satisfactory. 

Now, if we get into the song as it's quite common but it has some very good places that sound very pleasurable to the ear and makes you automatically enjoy the song. If you think closely, that's how their songs are usually. You like them yet you can't express why and that's because of those parts. It's not obvious so listen closely to the rhythm. But, it is original and that's what I always liked about them. Their songs are well thought into.

When it comes to being a band and also having some moves here and there, LedApple is definitely on top of the charts. They're really smart and choose well the moves so that the vocalists are able to sing and concentrate equally on both doing their jobs as singer and dancing a little . The performance changes drastically and it's a pleasure to watch them. This time, the dance seems a little off because it looks kind of girly but they still pull it off good enough...and manly enough.

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