duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

Music to the Ears (Younique Unit-Maxstep)

I can't even say how many people told me about Younique. At first I thought it's some kind of new brand or something but I was surprised to see what it actually was. A mesh up band made from different SM artists. Younique Unit and their MAXSTEP got me going crazy! The song is awesome and the dance is really good too. What I don't like is that one step at some point where it looks like they're miming a hand job but that's fine. We can get over that.

Let's take each member and see how they excelled in their parts. First it would be the only girl in the Unit. I, sincerely, ain't fond of SNSD at all. They seem false and they're seriously too skinny but I do like Hyoyeon. She's the best female dancer in SNSD and one of the best dancers in South Korea, in my point of view. She actually does something good and she's very pretty. (I also like SooYoung and Yoona, as a side note.) Anyway, she doesn't appear much in the MV, unfortunately. She's really awesome and looks really badass in her parts.

Eunhyuk, the reason so many ELF went crazy these days pointlessly, looks like a Mafia dealer. That fur doesn't make him any good. He looks way too confident and that's not really a bad point but he gives me the vibe of Fizz ( an old singer from my country who shouldn't be seen as an example.) His parts don't impress me because I got used to his style so there's nothing I can comment about.

Henry is fucking handsome and God! He'd grown so well. He looks so good and confident but shows it in some other way, more subtle. His parts are maybe too short for my liking. I never knew he dances so well or maybe I was too busy looking at Donghae to care but he's awesome. Those clothes fit Henry better than I imagined. Ah, he's so talented.

Kai looks a hell lot like Taemin. Seeing them together really got me thinking. Taemin has the looks from Ring Ding Dong and that one fits him the best. However, Kai really exceeds when it comes to dancing. He's really good and has a different charisma than most of them. He also gives me the vibe of a young Mafia leader but not as heavy as Hyuk. Taemin is in the exact same car with the same butterfly doing the same moves as in Ring Ding Dong and Kai is in a room full of gold. Yeah, something seems unfair here.

One guy I never imagined to be so charismatic while dancing (because I didn't give him enough credit) is Luhan. That guy is amazing! He has more charisma in this MV than all of them at once. Each time his face appears on the screen no one can't resist to push stop and stare at him. He has something that attracts you instantly. And, he's also a good singer. I really like how innocent he looks, out of them all, he looks the youngest but we know the truth...he's such a little pervert...It can be shown into his eyes while being on stage. He's a young beast.

So, overall, the MV is actually exactly what SM does. A lot of rooms with different backgrounds  one brighter than the other, with good staff who works a lot to get the artists from different points and make them look good. The camera, which is always in some exact points and some good close ups. Nothing new SM, nothing new. But even so, the song rocks and so does the dance. It's catchy and has some alluring rhythm that gets you to get up and dance (how you can) on it. It's definitely unique.

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