miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013


Outside was dark when the two got out of the café. Nana shuddered, not expecting to be so chilly at night. She completely forgot how she was dressed. Nao remarked how her muscles tensed and figured it was because it had gotten colder. He didn’t give her his sweater, like any man would have; instead, he pulled her closer to him and hugged her. They both stopped breathing for a few seconds. The force between them became obvious. Trying not to show the fireworks inside his heart, Nao started to walk, bringing Nana with him.

In the darkness, with few people around, Nao didn’t have a clue where he was going. He simply led the way to somewhere. While wandering on the streets they heard a big noise which seemed to make the ground shake. Their heads rose to the sky just in time to see the fireworks. Nao chuckled. It was amusing how his feelings have been materialized. Nana’s eyes were enlightened and the green orbs looked even more beautiful. Nao turned his back to the other side and closed his eyes, trying to regain control over his heart and body.

Back on the road to nowhere, Nana shuddered again and, unconsciously, got even closer to him, grabbing his hand. Out of nowhere, Nao stopped.

“Are we lost?” Nana chuckled silently and shook her head. He tried to figure if it was the same path they took when they first arrived but the streets looked different in the night.

“We’re fine. A few more steps and we’re back to the crowded and noisy centre of Tokyo.”

It was cute how he panicked back then. It made me feel protected even if he didn’t know his way around. His grip on my hand tightened but I was sure he didn’t even remark it. When we got back on the known path, I pulled away and walked next to him, at a normal distance. He walked me back home. I didn’t want it to end but I didn’t want it to last either. Maybe, that thought was what kept me from looking after him. It was just one day.

“Thanks for taking me home.” He chuckled and ruffled her head. It felt personal and weird. However, seeing how she didn't protest, he believed it was fine. “ I'm surprised you did, actually. You seemed freaked out back there.”

“OI! I was just tensing up! Who knew when someone might have stroke?!” She rolled her eyes and pushed him playfully. He chuckled and caught her hand.

In that moment, that touch was enough to send me over the edge. My feelings exploded and I couldn't control myself any more  I remember I was the one to take action. I walked so close that I could feel the heat emitting from his body. I didn't care if he would respond or not, but I did have my own theories about the connection between us. Our lips were just a breath away. I will never forget the moment he leaned in and kissed me. I could swear everything else disappeared and there remained just the two of us. From a small peck, we got into my apartment and then…Let’s just say that one day have been the best of my entire life.

When I woke up the next morning, he wasn't there anymore. I knew it would have come to this. I knew what we had was simply the spur of the moment. However, that man changed me. He turned my entire world upside down by just being there. Someone who meant close to nothing became someone for me and I became someone for the world. 

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