joi, 19 ianuarie 2012


There are so many love stories in the entire world
But how many of them are true and how many are real?
I've always considered love as being impossible
How can we believe in something that makes everything irrational?

There's been a time when I waited for mine
But it will never come
I've never been in love, I never risked and never got burned

By that feeling, that feeling of completeness
Those sparks I heard so much about, I never felt them
And I wonder if in this whole wander
For each perfect sharada of love
Someone will come for me too

I've never been called nothing more that let's say pretty
Yet it doesn't even matter anymore, it's such a pity
Words said in the battle of the leaves
I can ignore without catching the slightest glimpse

I wonder if "I understand you"
Matters so much more than "I love you"
You don't need to say that it's ok
I want to feel that you actually understand
And care from the bottom of your heart
Do you care?

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