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New Acquaintance

“Stella?” I was shocked, he was shocked. His eyes changed from red, to blue and stare in awe. “Stella!” He hugged me! I shook my head and pushed him away.

“What do you think you’re doing?! Who are you? What are you?!” The boy’s eyes got curious. He left a distance between us and I could finally see him. He was as tall as Nate, maybe taller, he was fit and had a black shirt and jeans. His black hair was messy and his eyes were a wonderful blue. You could actually get lost in them. He gave a goofy smile and scratched the back of his head.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot you don’t remember. Well, nice lady, I am Alexander Smith, but you’ve always called me Alex…or Drake, for some unknown reason. Or it was Dino? I don’t remember. It’s gone a long time since then.”

He had seen how lost I was, because he chuckled. “Sorry, sorry. I’ll make it as simple as I can. I’m Alex and I’m a vampire. I’ve been your best friend since I can remember but then, Cameron erased your memories and you’ve left with that vampire slayer. Weird, huh?” I nodded very slowly.

“You’re freaking me out.”

He started chuckling again. He went near a tree and sat. He patted the place next to him. Normally, I wouldn’t go and sit near a weird stranger but I felt…familiarity. I went and sat down.

“Let’s take it slowly.” I nodded. “Have you had weird flashbacks with a girl who looks like you, named Stella and a boy who looks like your brother, named Nathan?” I nodded, curious how he knew about that. “These persons are actually you and your brother. It really happened somewhere in 1897. Those flashbacks are memories. Pieces of your past.” I rolled my eyes.

“Do you really think I believe this?”

He shrugged. “I guess not. But, look at your necklace. That ouroboros. Do you know who gave it to you?” I shook my head.

“That’s because you have the feeling you have it from a very long time.” I nodded. “I gave it to you. It means immortality. You’re an immortal.” This Alex guy touched the ouroboros and I flinched.

“I’ve got you a present!” A boy, who looked like Alex told Stella. He took something from his pocket. It was a silver pendant. “This is an ouroboros. It’s a serpent touching its own tail. It represents immortality. You’re a vampire, you can’t die. Sometimes I wish I could be one too.” Stella looked softly at her friend. She hugged him and kissed him on the check.

“It’s beautiful.” Stella whispered, inspecting the pendant.

“After 1000 years I won’t be here anymore, I bet everything will change but not you. I want you to remember me and through this pendant I will be immortal too. An immortal memory.” The girl’s smile faded. Her only friend and he’s a human.

“Maybe not.” Alex raised his eyebrow. He didn’t have time so say anything because Stella titled his head and pushed her fangs through his neck.

“That day you also changed me. After I made you feel like shit, I guess I deserved it.” He chuckled while my eyes were still on the pendant.

“I remember…” I whispered. “I mean, I had a flashback.” I looked up at him. “You have blood on your face.” I stopped realizing what I said. “You killed my friends?” He smiled nervously.

“Well, I need to feed right?” I nodded and I stopped. I shook my head.

“But they were my friends! Were you going to kill everyone?!” He shrugged.

“Well, yes. But I didn’t.” He said proudly, raising his finger and pointing it at me. “We can say you saved them. I was ready to kill you, but…you’re Stella.” I rolled my eyes at his logic.

“My friends probably think I’m dead.” He shrugged.

“Sorry to tell you this princess, but you are dead. You’ve been for a long while.” I raised my eyebrow.

“You’re not making me feel better.” He shrugged again.

“I don’t intend to. I’m realistic. You were born in…um…eighteen nighty and…um…a long time ago.” I chuckled shaking my head.

“If I’m a vampire, why don’t I shine in the light? Why don’t I die in the light? Why can I enter in the church? Why don’t I have golden or red eyes? Why don’t I kill people like you for blood? Why…” I stopped when Alex put a hand over my mouth.

“I got it. Well, dear Stella, we’re not in Twilight nor in any other vampire book. Though some things that I’ve seen in movies are half real. For example, vampires can’t go out on days, the sun light kills us but we found a trick to survive. There are two stones which save us. Lapis Lazuli, which is rare and Amethyst. Most vampires use amethyst, including me. But I think you have both. If I remember correctly, your parents melted somehow a Lapis stone and put it in the ouroboros. They did the same with your brother, but I don’t know for sure what’s his pendant. I think it’s an endless knot…” I immediately raised my head. “So that’s it. He found it.” I nodded.

“It has our initials on it.” Alex nodded.

“S and N, an endless knot. Bound to a forever brotherhood, or something like this. Your brother used logic too much. How is he now?” I chuckled.

“He has been everywhere. In hospitals, jail.” He started laughing.

“I think I’d like this new Nate. He sounds cool.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

“What about my other questions?” He got up and turned to me.

“First, we’re not in a fairytale. I don’t know if in this big, big world, witches and werewolves are real and I don’t care, truthfully. I do know there aren’t too many vampires alive. You can actually count them on your fingers. 30 in total. However, there is a small amount which does this idiotically thing with animal blood. They’ve been reading too many books. The rest are normal.” I nodded. “Shining in the light is a pure stupidity. Vampires don’t shine at all. You can enter in church. We all can. Where did you hear this thing, anyway?” I shrugged. “No vampire has golden eyes. Your eyes change in red if you’re hungry or when you attack. Also, you can use it whenever you want to scare someone.” He flashed in front in a second, his evil vampire face on. It didn’t scare me. Not even a little. He narrowed his eyes. “You should be afraid.” I shook my head and he sighed. “I’ve been watching you for the past decades, caring about your safety and this is how you repay me?” I got up myself and raised an eyebrow.

“You weren’t there. You didn’t even know where I was or if I was alive.” He titled his head in one side.

“Details, details.” He trailed while coming closer.

“So, what now? Do you want to go searching for the tooth fairy?” I asked, amused. He glared playfully and pushed me. I fell and he just ran with his super speed. “Not fair! I can’t do that…” I mumbled the last part, pouting. I didn’t understand why he just left until I heard someone yelling after me. It was Sami’s voice. “I’m here!” I yelled, signaling them I was alive.

“My God! You’re alive! I’m so glad!” Sami and Ana both took me in a big hug.

“Where is Tracy?” Ana smiled sadly. “Is she dead, too?” Sami shook her head.

“No, thank God. No one died after that incident. By the way, what happened?” I tried to look half scared, knowing they won’t buy the thing with my past and Alex.

“It was indeed an animal. It was um…a…wolf.” I tried covering up but I’m a bad lire.

“Wolf?” Ana asked again, unsure. I nodded, pretending to be scared, again. For me it seemed like they bought my lie, surprising me.

“What happened after I was pushed?” Sami rolled her eyes.

“Tracy fainted. And when we tried to come after you, Riley’s body was hanging in a tree. Austin fainted.” I was a little amused, even if she was serious. “Shane and Roy called 911 and the ambulance came too. They’re back home. This camp thing was a bad idea.” I nodded. It was indeed. We lost two friends and we were just in the nearby woods.

When I got back home, dad was more than worried, mostly because I was in a police car.

“What happened?” He gave me that parental look and I silently went inside. I had a lot in my mind.

That night I couldn’t sleep at all. Nate wasn’t home and it was midnight, freaking dad out. I sighed and closed my journal, leaving it on the desk. I went on the balcony. It always calms me down. I closed my eyes and I felt someone sneaking behind. I turned to see Alex.

“This” He pointed to him. “Was supposed to scare you. Aren’t you surprised to see me here? Or even a little curious how I got here?” I shook my head. He rolled his eyes and jumped on the bed. “You’re no fun.” I chuckled.

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