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Back in the tent, Stella was a little worried but that didn’t stop her from going over to Ana and have a little fun.

Stella’s POV

“So…you have a crush on my brother?” Ana’s checks went deep red.

“What makes you think that?” I shrugged.

“Don’t know. Maybe you staring at him, thinking we don’t see it?” Ana blushed harder.

“Has he noticed?” I shook my head.

“Lately, he has a lot of things to think about.” Ana nodded, a little bit disappointed. Nate was so deep in his research that he would definitely ignore Ana or any other girl. Plus, he has always been a flirt and I’m not sure if Ana would accept this.

“You should talk to him, get to know him. He’s very different than what you imagine. You might not like him as much after.” She nodded, the disappointed look still there. At least I was fair.

“Shane! Ow!” Everyone turned their heads to look at Tracy.

“What happened?” Sami asked, going closer.

“I wanted to go to Austin but because the tent is a little…small I tripped and fell on Shane. Look what you did!” I trailed my eyes over where Tracy was pointing. It was just a scratch but this didn’t stop the blood spilling out. I started having a sick feeling, but in a good way. My eyes were on the blood, a small amount but still, it was…weirdly enough, tempting me. I licked my lips, unconsciously.

Like in one horror movie, we heard a branch cringe. I got out of the trance and looked at the worried teenagers around me. I couldn’t figure why they stopped abruptly. Then, I felt it. A presence, and it was slowly approaching. The boys were tensed and the girls were clinging to one another or one of the boys.

I stood there, alone on my own side, the presence fading. I sighed, moment when I felt the presence again, very close. Everything happened in slow motion for me. Something took the tent, maybe the wind, and the teenager girls started yelling.

“Stop yelling. It was just…” Greg was taken by something above. The girls started yelling again, this time, running around too. I couldn’t believe how calm I was.

“Let’s stay together! Don’t run!” Sami started but no one listened. Eventually everything calmed down and we were sitting together near a tree, not far from where we set camp.

“Something took Greg. I can’t believe it.” Tracy was in Roy’s arms, Sami was in Shane’s and Ana was in Austin’s arms. Riley was shaking slightly but she was calmer than the others.

“Maybe it was a bear.” Riley rolled her eyes.

“It took him from above. Plus, in these woods there aren’t any bears.” Tracy started shaking harder. I closed my eyes. I didn’t know how to tell them that the presence was still there somewhere.

“I’m scared.” Sami finally chocked out. They all nodded slowly. I opened my eyes and sighed.

“Maybe if we stay in silence then, whatever that was will go away.” Unfortunately for them, Greg’s body dropped on the ground. Again, girls started yelling. Greg’s body was bloody and his eyes were still open. Riley, the one who was shaking the less, went to close Greg’s eyes, even if she was a little freaked out. When she finished, she turned to us and smiled sadly. Until, something took her too.

“What’s happening?!” Tracy yelled again. I got up and went closer to Greg’s body. “Stella! Are you crazy?! Haven’t you seen what happened to Riley?”

I nodded to a very worried and scared Tracy but I couldn’t stop the curiosity. I watched above to see just the sky, there were black clouds, indicating there will be a storm later. I looked in the right and in the left and everywhere. Nothing. There was nothing. Until I felt it again.

“Stella!” I turned to look at them, time when something came from behind. I turned to see everything happen in a second. Something pushed me hard, making me fly back into a few trees. But, I was still alive. And it didn’t even hurt as bad as it should. The thing that killed Greg and Riley flashed in front of me. I could see it was a boy and he had red eyes and fangs.

When he got closer he wanted to stab me or kill me in some way but he stopped.

“Stella?” I was shocked, he was shocked.

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