luni, 2 ianuarie 2012

What is love?

Love, that’s actually a subject I’ve always been keen to talk about. While time passes, the ideas change and so does the point of view of many, over this emotion but also, life itself. However, back to the original subject, what is love? Of course I’m not referring to familial love or the one between friends. Those are branches of this extraordinary feeling. We can say they are also levels and the highest one is the most beautiful: the love between two people who are ready to make commitments for each other. For me, personally, ‘I love you’ means way too much for my age.

Each one of us has had at least once in their teenage years something called ‘a crush’. What’s that? It’s someone you like a lot, you think about him/her, you miss him/her that person is always in the back of your mind even when you want to do something else. Of course that’s not love. It’s simply a infatuation with a person of different or the same gender. I’m not a person who discriminates so I do believe everyone has the right to like whoever they want. But, love doesn’t appear at just 16 or 17 years old, let’s be serious now. It annoys me how I hear on the street teenagers using this word. Since you as a girl or boy call someone ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’, those aren’t words you use for someone you care that deeply for. When you come to the ultimate level of intimacy, and I’m not talking about sex, well then you use words like ‘beautiful’, but then again that depends on the culture too. In my country, and I think everywhere except the Asian part, use ‘hot’ much often than other adjectives. Of course that’s just my opinion s and world is large and there are unique types of thinking. I’m not judging but we can say I’m kind of…complaining, whining like a brat, though I’m not. Anyway I just want people to understand that in a die or live situation, someone who loves you would either save you, though that’s what anyone would do no matter the feeling, or even die with you just so you would never be separated. On the opposite side, if the feeling is not that deep, if you’re on the top of the building and want to jump, the other person might as well nudge you, the hurt would still run as deep as the one sided love.

I know there are a lot of broken people, girls and boys, and I know the world doesn’t seem as right and everything turns blue but the world doesn’t end just by that. Think like that, a failed relationship means a new beginning, a new story and even more important, a new lesson. That’s how you find your true love, through mistakes in relationship. You might as well pass it if you don’t understand it and truthfully, I’m not in the place to say I do because I’m quite complicated when it comes to relationships but I know how it feels and I know I’m not the only one.

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