duminică, 1 ianuarie 2012


Nate woke up because of someone shaking him. He opened his eyes to see the librarian watching him with worry.

“Are you ok? You spaced out completely! I called you a few times!” He shook her hands off and got up. It was weird because the last memory wasn’t even his. He was connected toStella, they are siblings, but it seems this connection is stronger than he imagined. He looked for the last time at the picture of him and Stella and turned the page, back to the Arche family.

“Eric Arche…He looks familiar…” the librarian nodded.

“He looks exactly like one of our citizens. His name is Eric Vernon. He’s a great kid. He comes here often.” Nate raised his head and looked intrigued at the woman.

“Why? What does he do?” The librarian put a finger to her lips and thought.

“Actually, it’s really weird. He’s looking for hours at this family document. He’s staring at the same face.” Nate raised an eyebrow.

“Whose?” The woman opened the document back to the page Nate just spaced out.

“Stella Blanche.” She said pointing to the picture. Nate closed the book hard, scaring the librarian and got up. Now things were deeply covered by mist.

At school, Stella got over the boring lessons without doing much. The day was going really slow.

“Hey! Wakey, wakey! It’s lunch.” Stella rolled her eyes at Tracy. She was way too happy and optimistic and hyper for someone sane.

“What happened to you? Was the party last night too much?” Stella narrowed her eyes at Sami, while the girl simply laughed. “Though, I’ve seen Nate. That guy can drink, no joke.” I nodded staring at my sandwich.

“Oh, oh. Have you heard the news? There’s going to be a one day camp tomorrow. It sounds like fun, so?” I looked at Sami who looked at Ana who looked back at me.

“I don’t know…” Ana trailed. Sami’s eyes weren’t on us anymore, they were trailing behind us. I looked over to see Eric. I turned my head fast and closed my eyes. Sam raised an eyebrow.

“Aren’t you going to invite him over?” I looked at her like she has grown another head.

“Yeah. Do it. I want to see something.” I rolled my eyes and walked over the table Eric was. When I arrived he didn’t look up. He already knew I was there, though.

“Hy…” I mumbled. He didn’t look up this time either. “Eric?” Nothing. I turned my head to my friends and shrugged.

“You should go to your friends, Stella.” I raised an eyebrow and looked at him. He moved his head to one side and started watching outside. I started walking back to the three girls until I heard, even if it was a good distance away, him mumbling. “Silly girl.”

“Well?” I shrugged.

“He didn’t even look at me.” Tracy’s smiled faded.

“But you talked a lot yesterday.”

“Well…things change.” Tracy and Ana looked at each other worried while Sami’s eyes went back to Eric.

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