joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

I Dream, I'm Alive

Everyone has a dream. Actually, it’s impossible not to. At one moment in life you start thinking about the future. At some point you’ll want to move out from the familiar house you’ve spent most of your life in, you’ll crave for a new beginning, a new life. Most teenagers already make plans, which is good in a way but then again, in time you might change your point of view. Nothing stays the same, everything is in a continuous change. However, humans don’t change, their appearance does get older while aging up but the personality won’t. You can’t expect a childish friend to change overnight in a mature person. It’s impossible. The world is like a spiral and we’re all caught in it even if we want it or not, even if we accept it or not. Everyone has a fate, the destiny will take us through all kind of difficulties and happy moments but being young is something you can revive through childishness. Childhood is the time you create the best memories. Pictures and memories, that’s what remain. Pictures and memories are another way of talking about life. Dreams come every day and they grow at the same time with you. Life is short and because of our way of living now, because of this mess we created with our own hands, gets shorter. Dreams are what keep us believing, they’re the ones who inspire us to be better. They’re like shining stars on a clear summer night. You try to reach them but you can’t. So close yet so far. But important is not the effort you put or the help you get. No. The simple fact of trusting in your own idea, in yourself is what gets you, each time you raise your hand, a step closer to them. That’s why dreams are so important, they force you to try to be better and you do it unconsciously.

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