luni, 29 octombrie 2012

Music to the Ears (CRAZYNO-Musiche)

First of all, I just found him too and I don't know much about him either but this young man, on his stage name, CRAZYNO, is really...different. I like that. Different means unique. Of course, like any of the other listeners, when I closed my eyes I swore I was listening to G-Dragon but actually, their voices are nothing alike. JiYoung's vocal timbre has a pitch-ish sound. It's masculine but gives the impression it may crack sometimes (thank God it doesn't). On the other side, Crazyno's voice is lower and more Caucasian-ish, if you understand what I'm talking here. If not then I'll just put it simply: GD's voice is higher and rougher on the edges while Crazyno's is quite stable and can manipulate it in a different way. My ears never fail to give a truthful verdict, believe me. Also, when I opened my eyes I could swear I'm looking at a blonde version of Jaejoong. Actually, he doesn't look like Jae that much. I guess I was fooled by how the camera was positioned when he filmed the MV. But he is cute...I will never forgive him if he dyes his hair some other colour than black..

Also, I see in him, as an artist, a lot of potential. He may surprise the audience with something drastic, something dorky and funny but at the same time he can go 180 degrees and shock with a ballad. I kind of portray him in a white background  singing some nice and deep lyrics. I would actually be very pleased if he would try that. Being crazy has a lot of definitions for an artist. I really admire him. He's unknown yet he has the courage to dance like that in front of an audience who haven't yet created a created a cheer. Somehow I think he can get very popular as long as he sticks to doing the music HE likes than what everyone does. But that ballad thing...he should try it.

Ok, let's go to the MV and song itself.

Well, I don't see it as something bad or PSY-ish. He did get his inspiration from different artists but there's not a heavy, copy-paste thing. I like how his voice changes throughout the song, making it more masculine but at the same time cute. I like the MV because no one can pull off those dance moves in a crowded street. Gangnam Style is definitely easier to dance with people staring at you than the so called 'chicken dance'. I would...I've already done it...(it was indeed embarrassing, I won't lie) but it's funny when he does it. So even if it looks really easy, you go doing it in front of your classmates and you'll there's no joke.

The MV was my on taste because it was refreshing. Some guy dancing silly next to some strangers who seem like they could beat him up in any second, yet, he continues doing his own thing. There are some scenes were I crack up but at the same time, there are parts I don't seem to fit at all. But overall, it's great. The song, as in no video at all, is good. It's like the ones you hear on radio or in the night clubs and people instantly start to dance. It's very catchy. The lyrics...meh. Sorry, there's no story behind it. Just his way of telling people he's doing what he's doing and having a blast but also being pretty wicked...well it is something but I like lyrics made with some more defined stories behind. I hope I'm not talking bullshit but well...this is my own point of view.

Like I said before, he has huge potential and now it's all up to what kind of singer he wants to be and what music he wants to make. Also, in South Korea image is a big part, bigger than even talent! He should be thinking that even though we, as western people like him, people in Asia want a lot more from him. Even his soul! joking...who knows, actually.

Oh by the way, he reminds me a hell lot of a singer from O-Zone. I'm sure you heard of them or at least, their song-Dragostea din Tei aka Numa Numa. The principle vocalist came back as being Crazy Loop and he was on the same page when it came to expressing his art. Fuck it, I'll just show you.


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