marți, 23 octombrie 2012

Music to the Ears (BAP's Stop It)

Alright, while watching the posts people read more often I had a shock when I saw how many views there are on BAP. There are about 30 and something per day! Wow. A lot of Babies out there. Anyway, since I was too lazy to look out for news about Beast I got carried away with Block B's album which I plan to make a review later on and BAP's comeback song. I really want to believe it will be their last this year. They seem overly exhausted and it can be heard in YoungJae's voice the most.

Their new song is kind of ADORABLE. Really now, Yong Guk is really cute in a silly and manly way, if that makes any sense. Of course, I love that there is a plot, but seriously now...Yong Guk is a Gumiho or something devilish because I see there a red tail and the girl is actually an angel and she had seen him all the time but ignored him? Who the hell can ignore him?! Daehyun seems like a bad driver...but I like how he started to show more of his true self than that cool vocalist. I started to watch BAP Camp and Daehyun is definitely more talkative than Himchan the chatter box. YoungJae look really handsome too in the MV and the way they filmed so brightly just makes it more optimistic and shows a different side of the band. Himchan looks...I can;t seem to find the right word. He looks very handsome but at the same time goofy. How obsessed can you be to smile like that after magically your hand had just been prompted on the girl's face? So, no. Not the right expression there Himmie...Adding to that, I liked him better with black hair. Same goes for Jongup. The two maknae were terribly cute and aegyo. One thing I don't understand though. Why was Zelo looking into the mirror? Was he appreciating his handsome 17 years old self or was he trying to see Yong Guk through the light which could have reflected into it and then onto the leader's face, blinding him? Who knows, I guess it will remain a mystery. One thing I also don't understand is the end...maybe I'm a little slow and didn't catch to what it he was a demon and she was an angel? Doesn't that mean Daehyun killed Yong Guk? And why was he a playful demon? So many questions...

Even if it seems like I actually didn't like the MV, it's quite the opposite. I liked it a lot and truthfully, Yong Guk was the ebst out of the whole video. He kept me entertained. But, the other members were also good. One thing I can't understand, the last, I promise, is...why are they back to blonde? A friend told me a few hours ago: I like the blonde one. I kept a poker face at her statement. Well...I guess the concepts change fast...

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