marți, 16 octombrie 2012


They are KILLING me very, oh so, slowly! I was so excited for Zico's teaser, which is awesome and has a lot of feelings to it, and now a teaser for a song from their new album. I swear they are killing me. It's mind blowingly awesome if I dare to say. It sounds really good and badass and everything Block B-ish. I'm looking forward to their comeback stage to actually see them dancing too. But anyway, the teaser expresses exactly what I expect from them. It's something unconventional, breaks any common plot and they look cool.

I laughed my ass off when I saw Zico has his dreads back. It seems Jamaican beggar is coming back and I'm  perfectly fine with it. Also it seems for him, there's a Jamaican beggar+ Zico Sparrow kind of concept. That glass eye definitely makes him look even creepier than he is. But truthfully, that's what I was waiting for. Something completely insane. Looks, attitude, power it's exactly what I love in a boys band and they pull off this image very well. I can't wait for their comeback!

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