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To The Beautiful You

I haven't written something about a drama in a while and it was time.. To The Beautiful You just finished this week and it had just 16 episodes. I believe it was a little bit rushed though. Anyway, we all know the extraordinary awesome manga/drama Hana Kimi. There is a Taiwanese version, Japanese version (of course) and now a Korean version. I respect all of them but the first one I have seen was Hana Kimi form 2007 with Maki Horikita as Mizuki, Toma Ikuta as Nakatsu and the awesome Oguri Shun as Izumi Sano. That was the best version. It had incredible plot and incredible actors. For me, that was the absolute version. Now, the Korean one was pretty good actually. Even though I'm not a fan of f(x), Sulli did a good job as Goo Jae Hee.

Now, if someone doesn't know what Hana Kimi is, it's actually about a girl who admires a high jumper a lot. She feels responsible because he stopped high jumping and disguises herself as a boy and gets into an all boys high school, where he is. Of course, she helps him a lot and throughout the drama a lot of things happen. That, in the Japanese version. In the Korean one, it didn't seem as it happened a lot. They kept the skeleton but they didn't add anything to make it even more special. About the actors, Choi Minho from Shinee was Izumi, which in this version is called Kang Tae Joon. I though he couldn't pull it off because there was no feeling in his acting. I couldn't believe him as Tae Joon because he didn't show me Izumi's personality correctly. That was at first. Of course after a few episodes he started to loosen up because his acting was more relaxed and started to show little aspects of his character. Sulli was alright. Sometimes  though, it was false. I could see through her and forget about the atmosphere she had to pull off. But overall she was ok. She tried to understand her character and I'm proud of her. However, they are not the reason I didn't stop watching the series. One happy and incredibly adorable guy did it. Lee Hyun Woo was a very good Eun Gyeol. He expressed everything correctly, he was a younger and more adorable version of Toma Ikuta. It simply brightened my day each time I watched the drama. I swear when he was sad, I had the reflex to pull my hand on the screen and try to sooth him somehow. It captivated me. Another good actor who made the series better was Kwang Hee. He was also adorable and funny. I love him anyway but his character just made me love him even more.

So, there was good music in the background but still...it didn't affect me much. For example, in Secret Garden, when the songs started while things were happening, I could relate and I could feel what the song meant and the action itself. It was different here. I didn't care much and not every character have been put into the light. It was a good drama but I still prefer 2007's Hana Kimi over anything.

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