joi, 18 octombrie 2012


I am in HEAVEN! since yesterday I haven't listened to absolutely anything except Nillili Mambo. The MV is so genuine and amusing. I can't contain my excitement, seriously. I just love the intro, with Zico who says 'BBC follow me' and 'Bye guys, Hey ladies, Mwaah!' He's so...awesome. Seriously, he's on my list of inspirational people. He's an amazing artist and he's born with something catchy, something unexplainable that simply makes you laugh at him but at the same time, respect him.

Now, the song is incredibly catchy and has those beats that repeat themselves throughout the song, which, makes it even better than it is. It has some nice parts of orchestra which give it a Pirates of Caribbean's feel and I'm in love with it. The lyrics are well thought and the way they gave parts to everyone really makes me happy. They actually think before making a song or in Zico's case, he feels it.

The music video is one of the best this year. Anyway you look at it, no matter how many times. and I did watch it a lot, still do, there's just one result in the end: it's perfect. It actually has a strong plot and they seem to enjoy it to maximum. Jaehyo and Taeil looked very awkward in Nanrina and I couldn't really recognize some of them because it didn't appear as if they were even trying to stand out a little. It was common. Now, though, I like how they go with the flow and don't give much thought to the camera. One of my favourite scenes is Kyung running after the chicken. It's just so refreshing and funny. they're also natural and I admire that a lot. Zico is back with his dreads but at a closer look...they are not natural...His hair is short and styled and the dreads have been placed in the back for a better image...And here I was thinking Jamaican beggar is back...well he kind of is but well yeah. Their derp faces and adorable expressions, their moves, the swag, it's all so good that I'm even impressed. There's no much dancing, thanks God! It would have ruined the whole music video. The way it was filmed it's good too. I liked the shots and the dynamic of the camera. The ending is attractive too. I haven't seen that coming and I was a little bit perplexed by it but in a good way.
Also, there are some little things that don't really go how the Hell did they lost the artefacts ! They opened just once the case...Also, they are bad guys playing mah-jong and eating lollipops...right, something doesn't seem very bad...

They evolved a lot as artists but also as humans. I can't say they are more mature because lyrics and songs are made in the spur of the moment and through experiences. They had material to use and they used it rather in a distinctive way. They are unique and real. They express exactly what they feel in that moment and aren't afraid to show who they are. I like that and that's also a reason I am a BBC. They never disappointed me and I have a feeling that they will never disappoint with their talent. It's BLOCKTOBER for sure.

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