miercuri, 24 octombrie 2012

The World is Mine

I think I'm obsessing over this song called Lumea e a Mea(The World is Mine). This band from my country is pretty much one of the most livelong ones. They make songs that sell but also have songs that touch you at a deeper level. They may be in Romanian but hey, you can learn a new language. (the swears in Romanian are incomparable, believe me). This song especially means a lot for me and I bet it does for other people too. Compared to the whole world we mean nothing, we are so small but we are important. Each one of us makes a difference, the Universe somehow gravitates around our decisions and mistakes. It's quite meaningful the message they transmit. Also, the MV is very artistic and wonderfully shot.

The lyrics are these (translated they kind of lose a little of their meaning but you can interpret them however you want)

My dreams are crushed,
by a life that I don’t live,
Give me a one way ticket,
That was all I had to say,
Life had only two stars,
You made five of them,
Since I have you,
Rain gets only in my spam.
I am small, small, small, but it's nothing,
All is not lost, tomorrow’s a beginning,
How great it would seem, the world is mine.
I am small, small, small, but it's nothing,
If your heart is in my hand,
The world is mine.
Hey, hey, hey (4X)
My house doesn't have walls,
My windows are the mornings,
With a sharing on any day,
As if tomorrow wouldn't be
Maybe I’m small in their world,
But I learned to fly,
When I feel that I’m about to collapse,
Knock on wood, and then smile.

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