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Block B's Blockbuster Album Review

You know, I've been a BBC even from the start and never had I thought they will make such an album like Blockbuster. It's not bad, not at all, but it's just so full of emotions. It captures the heart of each member and  it's very personal. I admire artists who make music from their own experiences because it's more realistic and when they sing, it captures better the message and gives it to the listener better.

Blockbuster is overall one of the best albums I've listened to this year. They harmonized their voices and feelings very well and each song represents a part of them. The first song on the album is  11:30 which didn't capture me, personally, fast. I had to give it more tries...But itself, the song reminds me a lot of the old times and how relaxing but powerful was the music. Slower beats leave you  more attention to the lyrics and I put a lot of importance on them. Because if the lyrics don't tell me anything, the melody automatically drops in my point of view. But 11:30 has good lyrics. Even though the story isn't something unimaginable, it still has a good point and gets to your heart.

The second track is Interlude. There's absolutely nothing I can talk about here because seriously, it's just an orchestral small song which makes the transit to the next song. But I do like it.

Then comes Nillili Mambo which for me is a complete song. It has beats that put originality to the song yet there are also common beats. It's not a powerful melody but their voices make it like that so I have to give them credit for that. It's not something a lot of people do. It's kind of obvious half of the album was Zico's own experience because he showed it at the Showcase but it still has some characteristics from the other members. It did end up as a perfect song for their comeback and it's very catchy. You don't have to be a fan to immediately be catapulted into liking it and even dancing on it. It's just so good. Of course, I do have my own negative points when it comes to the MV but I think I already presented them on BLOCKTOBER III.

Next is Mental Breaker. I recognize, when I saw Park Kyung's teaser I was reluctant to the song. I was wrong. It has catchy and happy rhythms and gives an optimistic feel to the album. It's really a cool song and makes you all happy inside. I am 90% sure you agree with me on this one. I don't actually understand the meaning of the lyrics fully but it's still ok, I guess...I don't understand the dance either but they're Block B so usually a lot of things are cool even though not many make sense.

No Joke is the fifth track. Even from B-Bomb's teaser I loved the song. It's actually my message tone. It's the rapper's song because just PO, Zico and Kyung sing it and boy, wasn't Kyung happy at their showcase when they sang it...oh you little pervert. I always knew you had it in you. In Beatles Code he even said he got drunk with women because he can, because he's an adult. Ohohoho Kyung better take care what you say, people may interpret how they want. But, coming back to the song, like I said, it's one of my favourites. It shows that Block B is serious and the music they started to create is definitely no joke. The lyrics are...alright from my point of view. They're powerful and a little frustrated. Because they want people to take them serious, take them as they are, REAL. I like that.

The sixth is my favourite song of the album, Movie's Over. I love, firstly, Zico's vocals. He actually sings and it sounds good. He did some learning there, it's obvious. I like how U-Kwon and B-Bomb's voices sound here. It's soft yet manly, it gives a good feeling to the song and B-Bomb's high notes make my heart melt. Taeil's voice is no comment. He's such an adorable young man and has such a strong voice. And then, there comes PO's raspy, low voice which sounds softer and it just makes me love the song even more and Kyung's rap and Jaehyo's part which is small but seriously, he worked on his voice too. Yeah...definitely my favourite track.

I find it perfect that Taeil's solo comes right after Movie's Over. They complete each other, you know.The lyrics go directly to the heart and his voice melts me. When I listened to it for the first time I almost thought It's not Block B. The melody seems familiar yet I don't know from where. It's so calm and soft. I also love the piano in it. It's melancholic but at the same time strong and resentful.

After Where are You comes Romantically. From what I know, it was made by PO. Well, dear maknae, that's quite a deep song. The lyrics are very well made. I was surprised how the song expresses the need to find someone who understands you, someone you have always dreamt to meet and how ambitious you (I'm talking in general here) are to look for that person no matter what. That's a deep song, believe me. It's more than the lyrics show, if you read between the lines.

Did you or Did you Not is an older song...not one of my favourites. It bores me a little. The subject in it is a girl who cheated and now there's the question: Did you do it or not? Which from my point of view, is a pretty overused subject . Not in Korea necessarily  It has always been overused. When you just got out of a relationship of course you get it out through music if you are an artist. Somehow I think this song is strongly linked to B-Bomb. He's the one who said in Beatles Code lately that he's been dumped and I understand a way. He might have not written the song but there's obvious experience of this kind in it. It's personal. Everything about it is personal.

Halo is also an older song from Block B. I like it a lot and I'm happy they added it on this album. I always thought this song is about how they are different than other bands because they don't fake it and even though they make music that can sell, they don't lose their ideas and how they want to make music. I'm impressed by that, actually. The whole album sounds like Block B but some parts are obvious made to also sell. Some beats are especially made for that, for example the drums in Nillili Mambo. It is silly, but is catchy and people love it. So it's really well made. Well thought, Block B...Zico...:D And this song actually has lyrics that practically screams Block B.

In the end, there are also the instrumentals of Nillili Mambo and Mental Breaker. I already talked about the songs and I listened closely to these two tracks so that I won't be disturbed by their voices. The songs are very well made, like I said before. There's a balance between their ideas, as artists who want to make music and want to be unique and real, and simple common rhythms and beats. I simply love their album. It's not perfect but that's what attracts you to it. Anyway, it has been done with head and emotions and I give them 100 points for that.

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