sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2012


I'm so annoyed and too excited for Zico's teaser to appear. I'm re-watching the others and I can't help but contain my excitement. I simply KNOW his teaser will be awesome. Anyway, I've never explained how much I like Block B. It just didn't cross my mind before and I wasn't very happy when they have been restricted and bla bla. You know what I'm talking about. I still can't understand how these awesome boys had to go through something so harsh just because of a misunderstanding.

Anyway, B-Bomb's teaser got me thinking. They must have worked a hell lot to the new album and the songs sound unique and pretty awesome. Also, the two songs Zico 'leaked' are pretty good too. I can't stop listening to Battle Royal. The rhythm, the lyrics, his rapping, it's all so good and deep. It's obvious he learned something from what happened and has grown a lot as an artist. It all can be seen through his music and I'm really proud of him. I don't have enough words to describe the respect I have towards Ji Hoon. He's an extremely talented composer and he can sing if he tries. If is the key word here.

From another perspective, the other teasers express a lot too. P.O's is so powerful and expresses just how Block B will come back with a big bang and show us their talent and craziness all over again. Also, he looks a lot like TOP from some parts. A lot!

Taeil's solo song it's something I'm looking forward at a deeper level because of his voice. The piano sounds very good and I sincerely already know it's going to be one of my favourites.

Kyung's teaser was playful. Just imagine someone coming to you and dancing like that in front of you without the slightest stress. I bet anyone would freak out or look freaked out but seriously, that dance is so silly that it mesmerises you.

Another weird teaser is Jaehyo's. That lady doesn't seem attractive at all. Well, to me, even though I kind of got the plot in it and Jaehyo looks good in that suit, the song is not likeable. I've read other opinions and I agree with them. It's just...no. It doesn't seem to have anything attractive, mostly the lady. The end is awesome, how she flips him off, but still...no.

About U-Kwon's teaser...well he looks really really charismatic in it, with that gun and the surroundings. The song doesn't show much. However, I like his moves and hell, I like it overall. There's nothing I can comment about it, truthfully.

Now, I'm seriously anxious to see Zico's teaser and it doesn't appear already! Aish...But at least we have the two songs...Oh and let's not forget about MTV Match Up: Block B Returns!

But for now...let's just enjoy what we have...

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