joi, 9 august 2012

여섯째 글자

Dear Anonymous,

You know, lately I started to think more realistically. Life is so surprising. I just started to think of it as water. In the end, there are a lot of people who say that life is flowing through the universe; it's a continuous river. That's what each life signifies and they all meet and create an ocean; the Universe itself. But, at the bottom of each river there should be a few rocks.Why rocks you may wonder? Because they are what keep the river on a steady path.If there are not enough rocks then the wind will mess it up and also, will mess the balance therefore the calmness will disappear. The river will become aimless and will lose itself and its meaning. 

I believe that's how life is. We each have a meaning and like the rivers, we need rocks to keep us on a right path. Personal relationships like friendship or love, people who accept us how we are, those are life's rocks. The wind may as well be the crowd, the society...if we lose our aim and we leave ourselves be changed then we lose our meaning and we become common. I don't want to be another face in the crowd. I want to grow into someone who respects and is respected and I want to be a good influence on whoever I meet. 

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