miercuri, 22 august 2012

'What I Like About...' Tasty

I love them. They are really cute and they are twins! What more can you wish for, right? Well, I recognize their single isn't the best out of their whole album, though it is indeed the most catchy one. I do believe 'You Know Me' is a good start but it had very familiar beats. However, the song appealed to me instantly, even from the teaser. That little techno voice from the start gets you into the song very fast, it's like I said, very catchy (mostly for the western side). Their voice blend well on the song and even though I would have loved to hear them sing more on their first single, it's alright as it is.

The dance for this song is awesome and very easy to follow. It catches your eyes even though it's not something like Infinite does usually or those very blinding choreographies from SM. But it's still interesting and I still liked it a lot. The boys know what they're doing anyway. I watched their Inkigayo performance when they had their début and I was impressed by it. Seriously, they came out strong and proud of their songs and work in general. I like them...:D

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