luni, 27 august 2012

Intensive Examination- Super Junior

We know Super Junior have gone through a lot but even so, they are one of the best and livelong bands out there. Each member has his own thing, his own personality, his own charisma and when they are together, it's like an explosion of talent and art. They are individuals but they are also a whole. I believe, throughout these years, they fought a lot but what kept them together is the good leadership of Park Jung Soo and the common dreams. OF course, they also have one of the largest and most devoted fan club, ELF.

Now, the news about Leeteuk's enrolment into army has gone hysteric. Truthfully, I will miss him too.He's one of the best leaders out there, he's like the mother of Super Junior and many tears will be shed on the day he will leave for army. From what I read and heard, his last stage was in Guangzhou and right now he's most likely preparing himself for the army if he didn't leave already. It's sad. Some messages I've seen on Twitter and Tumbler touched me deeply. Fans will always support Super Junior, no matter what. That's very noble.

Besides Leeteuk, younger member Donghae reeks heart spasms with his new drama, Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog (which I haven't seen yet, sorry). But, I've seen many cuts from it and many gif pictures. He looks adorable and I just feel the need to pinch his cheeks. Actually, Donghae is a surprise. He seems to be getting a lot more popular and he improved a lot, both his looks and charms. Another member who's really good at acting is Siwon. He's a born performer (and let's not forget about his very sexy looks) and he's an awesome artist because he interacts a lot with his fans.

About the other members, from what I searched, there's not a lot. Kyuhyun told the fans or any other people who were planning to visit Korea to stay safe because of a typhoon who's going to strike called 'Bolaven'. That's really cute. Also, Yesung is very active on Twitter from what  I

Sungmin and Ryeowook do some great Sukira editions and seriously, I laugh so hard when I watch them. When Ryeowook gets all fired up it's really fun. Also, Sungmin played in the musical Jack the Ripper, but that's news from May. Hmm...what's new, Kangin will be on a musical called Goong. As for the other members, I haven't found something very special. They may have plans but they're unknown for the public yet.! There will be about 4 pictures per guy :D












Zhou Mi


(whose singles are awesome even though I don't understand Chinese)

Kibum(he was so adorable in the drama I Love Lee Tae Ri)

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