sâmbătă, 25 august 2012

Intensive Examination

What is intensive examination? Actually, is my list of Korean Idols( since you all love them so much) who look and have a good personality. Is somewhat of a post where I will update each Sunday (or Monday) what's hot about them. I will try to look for true information and will try to be as objective as I can. I won't judge anyone, everyone also has an opinion. These are just information I find and share with all of you. There will also be a poll for each week where you decide who should I write about and post some material with(for example with photos and/or videos. I'm sure there are a lot of different fans for each band. I need time to get the information and pictures if I don't have enough. So for this week, who do you guys want to see pictures of?

P.S: I won't have every band out there at once. Each band will get through the poll until it will get voted. For example, I put up just 4 bands. Of course after one band is elected I will add another one and another one. So, each band will have the opportunity to be spammed with. It will just be sooner or later. I hope you understand :)

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