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Takumi-kun Series

I just finished the Takumi-kun series. Alright, well, I do am a yaoi fan because I'm a girl and my first anime ever was Gravitation (which I loved and re-watched it a lot) and I'm human! Anyway, I first watched the last movie, which I found a little confusing and then I watched all of them. Let's say I stumbled over it once and I didn't really like the idea but after I've seen how many people praise it (girls of course) I gave it a chance. Like the title says, everything is gravitating around Hamaya Takumi who's a student in a all boys boarding school. Sounds kind of cliché, huh? Well, it actually is and Takumi's story about his brother is also the ideal past trauma, but the actors play well (though there are some obvious mistakes) and I guess they are what make these series so likeable.

Hamao Kyosuke plays Takumi and sincerely, throughout the movies I was like "oh my god how cute he is' or 'he's so adorable!' because this actor killed me! He's really cute and his character is partially very innocent and pure hearted and it amazed me how adorable he could get. In his first Takumi-kun movie Hamao was about 18 years old so I guess that's why I was so entranced by him as an actor. Youth does magic. Anyway, he does have some little things that I couldn't put my hands on. When you are in the middle of a sexual, that's not the best way to say it...He smiles, or that's what I see, while progressing with the activity at hand. Ok, you are excited and everything, you feel the passion, blah, blah, blah but it makes everything very false. It's like he does it purposely to show that they're not actually gay or maybe to show something, I don't know. But it does bring fake feelings to the scene. But damn, he's so adorable.

Next there would be the second main character, Gii, who's played by Watanabe Daisuke from the second movie until the end. He is obviously older than Hamao by more than 2 years. I looked up and he is older by 9 years. Anyway, he does make a good Gii( not that Keisuke Kato didn't because he was awesome too). I can't imagine anyone else being so fit to the role though. I mean Kato-kun was fine but Watanabe expressed more. Every time I looked closer to this guy I got myself lost in his looks because he does resemble a lot a anime character. Maybe it's just the hair that makes this impression but I swear I asked myself a few times if that was what the director wanted or it was just the way he actually looked like. About face expressions, I believe Hamao was much better than Watanabe because I would often feel that Gii was scowling too much. In the fifth movie he had a scene where he had to cry, well it certainly looked like he was pissed and regretful but he was trying too much and his expression was not of a crying person.

Another character that I, personally, liked was Ryoma Baba as Arata Misu. I guess he reminded me so much of Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi that it was inevitable. I love those manga and anime because their relationship seem exactly like a girl would want her boyfriend to act, or maybe it's just me, but anyway it's really cute when it comes to romance. Back to the subject itself, I really liked this character and his personality throughout the movies. He gives that cold shoulder but actually he's a really nice person. He played nice and well...his own 'relationship' is kind of messed up but I really liked him.

These movies may not seem that wonderful since it's about boyxboy romance but it gives you another way of looking at relationships altogether. It's a different kind of idea and the whole world kind of changes around them so it's definitely something good.

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