miercuri, 8 august 2012

'What I Like About...' Taeyang

I know that I wrote down here about three of the Big Bang members yet I was too lazy to continue with the others too. Shame on me. Right now, because of a stupid dream all I can think of is...how incest it would be for me to have a relationship with Taeyang. But ignore that. Sincerely, I was very surprised when I found out he has the same birthday as I do but on different years (duh): May 18th. At first, I recognize, I didn't know who he was so I can say that's how I found out about Big Bang. So, Dong Young Bae is a very important member of Big Bang, one of the lead vocals and a good dancer. He seems to have it all, sincerely, but...he never had a girlfriend. I do believe that his personal life should be well...personal but we're kind of...this subject is always brought up by different people. Also he's like...small. I do believe he's about the same height as I am which is 1,63 cm. If he's taller than that then good for him but I do believe his hair gives that 'taller' impression. I may seem insane but I would love to have a big brother like him. I bet he would be very good at being overprotective haha

Anyway, Taeyang is one of my favourite voices of South Korea. It sounds so soft and soothing and it's a pleasure to listen to him sing. He seems to be the most chill person in Big Bang and he always smiles. I really like how kind he is and how he doesn't even want to give the impression of a bad, rebellious boy. He looks hot, he dances very well, he sings really well and he's not afraid to say that he goes to the Church and actually doesn't do things very differently than any other normal person. He's successful in almost everything and I admire him. He doesn't get into something he knows he can not succeed or complete.

His songs are well done but they are not from his experience and that can be seen when he sings them. He may 'need a girl' but he definitely doesn't see himself going to look after a 'wedding dress'. That's a poetic way to explain it. But overall I really see him as a very hard working kid who may not have the best experience in life, since he has been a trainee from a very young age, but he does know what he's doing and where he's heading to.

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